Sales Professional of a reputed Insurance Company Prefers Newspaper Advertising to Invite Job Applicants

Insurance companies choose Newspaper for Recruitment

Know our Customer’ is a very special initiative for releaseMyAd.  It is one of the favourite sections of our entire team. This is simply because, “Know our Customer” helps us solve issues faced by our clients, make amends in our system, highlight the strengths and features of a medium of advertising, improve our services and above all communicate on one-to-one basis with our customers. Through this section we understand our customers and attempt to convey that how newspaper as a medium has aided their purpose or need for advertising.

Mr. S. Dutta, heading the eastern branch, Sales of a reputed Insurance company, provides his valuable insights into the importance of newspaper advertising for recruiting people for different purposes and profiles for the organisation. According to him, recruitment is a major requirement for Insurance agencies as more people means that they can reach out to maximum customers individually.

He didn’t intend that the name of the organisation be published on any website; hence keeping his privacy request in mind, releaseMyAd cannot reveal the name of the Insurance Company.

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Q. Please tell us something about the organisation?

A. We are basically a reputed Insurance Company and I am the Zonal Sales Head for the eastern region as we have a Pan India presence. We offer insurance plans for covering any sort of damage caused as a result of any mishap. The organisation provides insurance policies to Individuals and families; it also insures Cars, Houses, Companies etc. Some of the policies also cover medical bills as well as Mutual Fund Investments.

Q. What was the reason behind advertising?

A. The main reason for advertising was to recruit people from specific locations. We had requirements for various positions from time to time and depending on the urgency of the positions, we felt the need to advertise. In a place such as Kolkata, newspaper recruitment ads fetch maximum responses from genuine candidates.

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Q. Did you have any specific target audience in mind while advertising?

A. Not exactly, but yes, we wanted to reach out to people who have at least completed their graduation. We chose newspaper advertising as newspapers reach out to specific regions, which makes it easy to get local candidates. Many a times through online job portals we get profiles of people for regions which are not local for the applicants but in case of newspaper adverts, we can reach out to only local job seekers. Newspaper is the best medium to reach out to the prospective candidates belonging to a specific region as they are published based on different locations or editions.

Q. What was your experience with newspaper advertising? Based on the same, would you invest in newspapers again?

A. Whenever we were in need of candidates from any location, publishing recruitment ads in a regional or English newspaper was the first thing that came to mind which were followed up by profiles on other Job Listing Online Portals. But the first approach was always through newspaper ads.

For regional placements, newspaper ads secured maximum and the most genuine responses from candidates. Newspapers provide a lot of options in case of region specific mediums, for example, if I need a candidate from West Bengal, I can get my ad published in English daily like The Telegraph for individual placements and also in Bengali in a regional language daily such as Anandabazar Patrika for mainly mass recruitments. This differentiation occurs based on the name and fame of the publishing houses. Hence newspaper advertising is very effective for targeting specific regions.

If necessary we would surely invest in Newspaper Advertising as far as recruitment is concerned. We still advertise first in newspapers in case of any vacancy available at the organisation. It’s a terrific recall medium for candidates across the country applying for a job with us.

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Q. Why did you choose to book your newspaper ad through an online medium like releaseMyAd?

A. The use of the internet is all about saving time. Time management is the key reason behind booking newspaper ads via the internet. The process can be completed at one go through, as starting from the selection of the newspaper to the online payment can be done in one single site. Also, since I have a travelling job and need to book ads for different newspapers and editions across India, I can avail an integrated platform like releaseMyAd, which can be accessed everywhere and anywhere.

Q. How was your ad booking experience with us?

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A. Every time I have booked an advertisement with releaseMyAd for any newspaper or location, the experience has been very smooth and convenient. I always stick to releaseMyAd whenever I need to place an ad in any newspaper. Their customer support is very helpful and the booking procedure with Live Ad Preview Feature and all is quite interesting and also engaging. I can use trial and error method and review the ad properly before it is finally published in the newspaper. It’s simply trustworthy and easy to use as well as convenient for people like us.

Mr.S. Dutta is one of our most revered and regular service users. He has booked and continues to book newspaper ads through our website and has never had any complaints about our services. We are really proud to be able to serve clients like him. This example simply helps us know that we are being able to reach out to people and solve their issues, rid them of hassles and serve the purpose with which the organisation was established.

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