“Newspapers are an Ideal Promotional Portal for any kind of Business or Service”-says an Employee of Target Security Services



Nowadays, India has attained a level where various kinds of services are available through different agencies. The service industry is developing and is gradually climbing its way up in our lives in a way that we are becoming dependent on it. We need help in most of our household chores due to our busy work schedules and disintegration of nuclear families. We require proper security services around us to keep us safe in the growing volatile environment. Rabinarayan Tripathy, an employee of Target Security Services narrates a story of a Security Service Providing Centre and how newspaper advertising is its key agenda of getting business and promotions.

Q. Tell us something about yourself and the services provided by you.

A. I, Rabinarayan Tripathy, am an employee of Target Security Services Centre. The centre provides security guard services for
security-services-for-allcustomers across Gujarat. The Security Guards are enlisted with proper ID proofs and verification and the same are also referred to for the customers. The guards are sent to their duties based on the requirement of the client as they often ask for people from specific backgrounds with basic minimum education as well. Usually people often assume that guards are uneducated, but that is not true. We even provide guards for proper establishments who can also speak in English. The Centre is located in Vadodara, Gujarat and we service client across the state.

Q. What was your marketing objective?

A. We wanted people to become aware of the services we provide, we wanted to acquire more business and customers by reaching out to people. Advertising is essential to establish and promote a name in any business or service, whether it’s new or already a known name.

Q. Who was your target audience?

A. Our services are available for customers all over Gujarat for private houses, complexes, manufacturing industries, factories, offices etc. Wherever our services are valuable, we attempted to reach out to them mainly through newspaper advertising.

complex-security-guardsQ. Did newspaper advertising serve your purpose? Are you willing to invest in newspaper advertising again?

A. According to my assessment, Newspapers are an ideal promotional portal for any kind of Business or Service. Advertising in newspapers proved to be very effective for us. We get most of our customers through newspaper advertisements and some through word of mouth publicity. The responses that we received were all, surprisingly, genuine.  We still continue to give newspaper ads every time the business and demand slows down.

We will continue to publish ads in newspapers for promotions and brand awareness.

Q. Why did you choose to book your newspaper ad online through a website like releaseMyAd?

A. Mainly, due to convenience and for saving time. I am myself a security guard enrolled with Target Security Services and was asked to book an advertisement in the newspaper. Since I was working and barely had the time to go to a publishing house and get the advert published, I had opt for an alternative like booking the ad online.  It was really easy to find and get the ad published quickly.

Q. How was your experience with releaseMyAd while booking the advert?industry-security-guards

A. Most booking agents waste a lot of time negotiating the ad rates. They first take down our preferences and then offer a quotation; we then again make a counter offer. This process is fairly time-consuming whereas on origin-of-newspaper-advertisingorigin-of-newspaper-advertising