How to Promote Banquet Hotels like Middleton Chambers in Kolkata?


Middleton Hotels Pvt. Ltd established themselves in Kolkata during the starting years of the new millennium and since then has made a big name in the hotel industry of Kolkata. They have a number of hotels in different locations of Kolkata and each of them have a number of exquisite banquet halls which are rented for different occasions, parties, ceremonies and even seminars and meetings.  The different hotels that are under the Middleton Umbrella are Middleton Chambers, Middleton Inn and Southern Plaza.


This group is owned by Mr. Shantilal Surana and are located in some of the prominent locations of Kolkata such as Middleton Street (Middleton Chambers, Middleton Inn), near Maidan which is at the heart of Kolkata and Southern Avenue (Southern Plaza). Middleton Chambers is a part of the Middleton Inn, as the chambers refer to the banquet halls offered by the hotel group. The hotel group also have big and gorgeous restaurants which are open diners throughout the day and is not limited to those who are staying in the hotel. The hotel group also has a number of other facilities such as Health Clubs, Fitness Equipments, Swimming Pool etc and these facilities were to be highlighted in their ads.


Advertising was a requirement for this hotel chain in order to reach out to customers not only within Kolkata but also visitors to Kolkata. They even needed to promote their restaurant Oceania and the Middleton Inn Restaurant to the local customers as most people consider local hotels to be good for either visitors, meetings or marriage ceremonies and parties. Our association with the Middleton Hotels Pvt. Ltd dates back to the beginning of 2009 and since then we have been handling all their promotional activities across various media vehicles.

How we advertised the Middleton Group of Hotels


Evaluating the Needs of the BrandThe first point of concern was to understand the requirements of our client. They wanted to promote a hotel brand that had all possible amenities and was open to local customers as well for banquet and restaurant services. Hence it was essential to advertise and promote offers during the main festive season in Kolkata- Durga Puja.

Prioritising Timing to reach out to the Target Audience- During this time a huge number of people lunch and dine out almost regularly, especially those who go for Pandal hopping and that constitutes a huge population. The aim was to target this large section of people by advertising around and close to them which were the pandals during the Durga Puja festival. Advertising along the streets and metro railways was essential as most pandal hoppers travelled through the metro.

Mixing Traditional & Non-Traditional Media Platforms- All the promotional activities involved in promoting this brand were not limited only to newspapers, radio and magazines but it extended across certain new advertising forums such as Cinema slides, Incoda TV, Police Kiosks and even In-flight magazines.

Designing Creatives for Multiple Media Vehicles- A range of designs were made in different formats with different designs to be put up on different media platforms. The ads were designed specifically, keeping in mind the different dimensions and visibility range as well as necessary audio or audio-visual effects to be implemented in the advert.

Promoting the Brand with Vigour

The most gracious and motivating part of the entire ad campaign for the Middleton Hotels was to finally see the end results printed, published or aired across different media platforms. For this particular client, we advertised across a number of non-traditional platforms along with the traditional media vehicles.

Cinema Slides: Complying with the latest form of advertising, we designed creatives to be displayed on popular 70 mm screens across the city. This included all the multiplexes of INOX in different parts of the city such as INOX Forum, INOX Highland Park, INOX City Centre and INOX Swabhumi. Along with this, ad slides were also displayed in the multiplexes of PVR in Avani Riverside Mall, Howrah and Diamond Plaza Mall at Jessore Road.

Incoda TV: Next up among non-traditional advertising mediums was Incoda TV advertising. This ad media platform is a new form of TV advertising and is steadily growing in popularity. The television ads are played across all metro stations of Kolkata in different slots through the entire day. This is one form of forced marketing where travellers are prompted to view the ads while they await the next train. Incoda TV advertising is an effective way of marketing as a huge population of Kolkata travels everyday by the underground metro railway service.

Magazines: In-flight magazines are another excellent way of advertising hotels and conference rooms as many corporate travellers look for good places to conduct meetings and arrange for lodging in case of national conferences. The Middleton Group was promoted in magazines such as the Spice Route among in-flight magazines, Wedding Times by the Times Group and in Metro Guide, – a new magazine initiative by the Telegraph publishing Group.

OOH In case of Out of Home Advertising, the hotel group ads were put up across many kiosks and hoardings of one of the busiest crossing of the city which is at the AJC Bose road along with 65 other kiosk in different parts of South Kolkata.corporate travellers look for good places to conduct meetings and arrange for lodging in case of national conferences. The Middleton Group was promoted in magazines such as the Spice Route among in-flight magazines and in Metro Guide, – a new magazine initiative by the Telegraph publishing Group.


Radio Ads- The exclusive Puja offers that were going in the restaurants of each hotel were also announced on Radio in the form of radio jingles. These 15-20 second jingles were played across the whole day at different intervals on Friends FM-91.9 and Red FM -93.5, which are the two most popular radio stations of Kollkata, with the highest listenership. Radio ads have an immense recall value as they serve as excellent reminders of the print and audio-visual.


Newspaper Ads-Last but not the least, newspaper ads, which is most traditional way of advertising was used to promote the offers and the hotel chain across Kolkata. Popular regional language newspapers and English newspapers that are popular in the eastern zone were preferred for promoting the brand. The ads were published in Newspapers such as Anandabazar Patrika, Ananda Plus (supplement of ABP), The Telegraph and Bartaman.

Since this entire ad campaign of Middleton Hotels in association with releaseMyAd, the number of visitors and enquiries for rooms and conference bookings have considerably gone up. The number of guest visitors in the restaurants have also gone up by 20% and this had shot up to almost 35% growth in the restaurant visitors during the Durga Puja festival.

For future projects, releaseMyAd is planning to engage into online marketing for this particular brand for the Middleton Hotels Pvt. Ltd. Also releaseMyAd is the official ad agency for this particular group of hotels.

Also the Middleton Hotel Inn along with the Southern Plaza have bagged a place among the top corporate hotels in the list of hotels in Kolkata on Make My Trip, Trip Advisor and even Clear Trip.

Ad Campaigns That Define Our Success: This special section enlists the detailed Case Studies of all the successful ad campaigns run by releaseMyAd Media Pvt. Ltd. These campaigns have not only provided a new dimension to the products and services of our prestigious clients but have also construed the path towards our success as an Offline as well as Online Advertising Agency. With the help of this section we evaluate, understand and convey our advertising strategies, skills and our expertise in advertising for different media platforms.