Say it right on Radio


In the competitive marketing edge, radio is looked down as the odd step-cousin. We know about radio but have no idea what to do with it, to get results. We engage most of our time listening to radio but when it comes to placing ads, we are lost. ReleaseMyAd FM helps you to find the right path on radio. The major aspect of radio is saying it right. An incorrect message on radio is worse than not advertising at all.

If radio is truly the theatre of the mind, why is it sometimes that as soon as an ad comes on FM, you go blank and you change stations? The analysis is unfortunately far too simple as there is nothing provoking, compelling or different about 98% of the ads on radio today. We help you to fall into that 2% share and get 80% results.

It is important that your message is not only accordant to your customer’s life, but that it caters an interest in your business. Instigate them to want to know more you. When you get their mind it’s much easier to keep it which means they’ll soak and remember your business. helps in achieving you to brand your company’s name into their long term memory.

Use the creative competency of radio advertising to paint a virtual picture.  If your audience picture it in their life, they will create a need for it. Tell them what you have and why they will want or need it. Give them a relevant logic to care about you and your business.

Radio is known as “The theatre of the mind”. Be creative and never follow the crowd.  If you have unique elements, it will assist you stand out among the commercial clutter. A sound effect, eminent theme music or “signature sound” will help your ads make a big impression. However if you get generic, the potential customer will simply tune your ad out. Find an angle and do something helps you get that creative edge

In country like India with varied language patterns have a great deal of impact on the message that you want to deliver. Message deliver process, the tone, specific placement of words, pitch, meter, and pace is essential and your jingle makers, Jingle India will do it with excellence. Inserting hypnotic language patterns increases the rate at which information is retained. Think about how you feel when you suddenly hear Amitabh Bachchan voice, it already conditions you to respond in a certain way. It is also why people stop and listen to you eagerly when you take on the tonality of a person.

Good radio ad triggers the mind , one good crafted phrase casts out into a thousand pictures, emotions and feelings. It compels the listener to pay more attention, to drench themselves in the experience.

Short term memory is highly volatile , sleep deletes short-term memory of the mind. This is the reason why we have every good intention of doing something and forget about it the very next day. This is the reason why listeners who loved your ad and want to try you out call your competition , they thought you were one in the same.Releasemyad FM helps you create that difference.

Ads should to be designed to create echoic retention, and the vital tool that creates it is repetition. The basic rule-Ads heard by the same person at least 3 – 5 times in 7 days is imbibed. When those magic numbers play, something great happens, short term memory is transmitted to long term memory, message stays in the brain.

Radio is an active media capable of getting personal, stirring emotion, creating demand, and selling your product or service. Today’s hotly competitive marketplace demands an active media and assists you have that competitive advantage with radio.

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