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mobile-appsIf you have just launched your prized race horse app and are ready to market it, but are held back due to a budget restriction, this article is for you.The work surrounding your App does not end when it is finally developed and made available for download on the online store of your choice. We can even say that the hard work has only just begun!With over 2 million Apps available in the two biggest App stores (App Store and Google Play) to choose from, how do you make customers choose yours?

Our study shows that around 65% of smart-phone users are resistant to downloading apps frequently.In order to capture your target audience mind it is your foremost requirement to promote your brand effectively.There around 164 million radio listeners in India out of which over 35% of the listeners tune into radio on their mobile phones.So radio travels with the users impacting their decisions of downloading apps.So,undoubtedly radio is the best arena to promote apps.You will be surprised to see that around 23% of people tend to get aware of an App via a Radio Ads.

Radio is one such traditional medium which helps you break through the market clutter most efficiently.Today radio ad is a fresh entity solving  major market dynamics with bewildering ad solutions.It is termed as “theater of mind”.Radio advertising through the medium of sound can invoke smell,sensations and visual images, getting the listener’s imagination into play. It plays an integral role in promoting a new product/service to its potential users taking its local market market to national levels.

Many canny advertisers are going beyond the commercial break to get their message across distinctly – by hijacking the conversation, messing with the format, or using technological innovations.You could be forgiven for thinking that radio advertising consists solely of 30s spots voice /jingle/RJ mention Ads,that are broadcasted at regular intervals.Here are some of the most popular methods(with samples) of advertising over the radio which has worked for tech start-ups:

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  • Contests A radio Contest generally consists of two segments, the first segment where the RJ presents the question to the listeners, and gives them instructions to send the answers, thus generating considerable traffic; if the contest involves a prize, it is also announced in the first segment. The second part comprises of the RJ announcing the winner and getting him/her on air. These segments both last for 60-90 seconds.


  • Sponsorships –  Most radio programs have associate or executive sponsors. This type of ad raises brand awareness and associates the brand with the particular show.

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UtilitiesRadio channels often broadcast sports and traffic updates. Often, a particular brand chooses to sponsor these mini-segments. These ads are called Utilities.For example a sports app could sponsor the sports centric units, a music app could sponsor the tracks played.


  •  Specials – Wishes on behalf of brands during occasions are called Specials.Apps are leveraging occasions effectively to promote themselves.
  • Events – Certain marketing events conducted by radio stations often require a title or associate sponsor. This is another opportunity to advertise, called Events.
  • Sparklers or Sweepers are short 10 second ads that occupy the first or last slot of a program.They are short but highly impactful.
  • Fabric – These ads are occasions where 3 RJ mentions are incorporated within the same hour for the same brand.
  • Road Blocks It refers to the ad format wherein a entire time slot is allocated to the particular brand.
  • Outdoor broadcastes -Here the radio jockey broadcastes the show out of the studio ,may be in at an event,mall,etc.This works best for shopping apps.The RJ promotes you on air as well as in malls/shopping centres.

radio-ad-innovationsRecent start-ups who launched Apps have resorted to radio advertising to tap their potential market.Apps like mobikwik, paytm, Swiggy, Zopnow, Zoomcar,, Bigbasket,Qikwell, are advertising aggressively on radio to capture the minds of their target audience.Various ad formats have been adopted to create a strong impact in the minds of the potential users.On our research we found out that 6 out 10 apps experienced over 1.2 times more downloads after radio advertising.Radio is provides bigger and better business to start-ups..

Radio advertising is an art which demands a certain style , expertise and experience.releaseMyAd is tied with over 27 radio brands and the leading creative agency Jingle India.So we know the perfect moves that could work for your App.We have created innovative advertising campaigns for all our clients helping them to promote themselves effectively.We’ve have been doing amazing work  since 2013, and it’s quite simply a cracking platform for start-ups.Get in touch with us if you want more downloads for your Apps: call us on 09830688443 or email us at