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Due to the onset of the internet, multiple news apps on smartphones and round the clock television news channels in the past decade, newspapers worldwide have taken a hit in sales, but not so in India. In 2007, India recorded a sale of 99 million copies in the year 2007, the second largest in the world, and recorded an 11.22% increase in profits. This is largely due to the quality and reliability of newspapers in India. Newspapers in India boast of great editorial consistency and excellent coverage of national and international affairs.Tribune-Newspaper

One newspaper that holds the beacon for all that is right in India’s print industry is The Tribune. An English daily, the Tribune enjoys circulation in Chandigarh, Delhi, Jalandhar and Ludhiana. Readers of The Tribune consider the newspaper as a very reliable source of information as well as entertainment, due to its supplements. The Tribune Classifieds is a special segment of the paper that features classified advertisements from all over the country. These classified ads are listed under various relevant categories such as Matrimonial, Retail, Obituary and Property.

Booking your classified ads on the Tribune is now easier than ever, thanks to releaseMyAd. releaseMyAd has made provisions for eager advertisers to book their classified advertisements online. Founded in 2009, releaseMyAd started out as a newspaper advertising agency, simultaneously guiding advertisers with systematic media planning, media buying and creative production. Today, releaseMyAd is a 100% online booking platform for radio, cinema, magazine, newspaper and online advertising. To book your ads online in The Tribune classifieds, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit releaseMyAd’s dedicated page for the Tribune.
  • Select which category you would like to advertise in.
  • Choose which edition of the Tribune you would like to advertise in. You can also take a look at the discount packages to avail for bigger discounts.
  • Compose your ad text. You can choose to apply various embellishments to make your ad stand out. Underlining, background colours and printing your ad text in bold are some examples of said embellishments.
  • Select which day you would like your ad to be printed in. You must be done with the booking process at least 3 days before you wish to see your ad in the print.
  • Clear payment via a host of online and offline methods.

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