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Radio Mantra is owned and operated by the reputed Dainik Jagran Group. It broadcasts  across 8 cities of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab & Jharkhand .It aims to offer versatility in every aspect of its programming and brings metro-ism to non-metros.Radio Mantra being a city centric radio station has always been attached to its India’s rich culture and heritage, and has always supported any such initiatives taking place to boast about various cultural aspects of the country.

RADIO-ADSRadio Mantra 91.9FM offers its listeners the most gripping cultural experience through its partnership with various societies and tourism platforms of India.It provides alluring tourism experience on air. Bringing alive the thrill and fun  to listeners in North, Radio Mantra 91.9 FM is entirely set to host various on-air and on ground promotional initiatives.

 Radio has gained immense popularity among the masses, and is now considered a perfect medium to establish connect with the large base of listeners. Radio Mantra 91.9FM is known to be stress-reliever to discerning music listeners.This radio station is the apt medium to target audience as it believes in regional flavoured programming for high audience connectivity.Thereby it stands foremost in advertisers list who wish to target the listeners of these 4 states.The advertising rates of Radio Mantra are viably reasonable to other marketing platforms of the region.

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Advertising Opportunities of Radio Mantra 91.9 FM:

[dropcap style=’square’]A[/dropcap]Jingle / Voice Over Advertisements

There are 2 major Ad formats for FM-

*VOICE OVER: Here a person simply reads out the message and you can also have some instrumental background music if desired.It helps in sales promotion and has low cost of production.

*JINGLES: It is a small song or piece of music, used for promoting an idea, product or service.It helps in effectively raising brand awareness and has a strong recall value. These are highly effective and have negligible chances of Ad avoidance.

You can choose to advertise across specific time slots, relevant to your target demographic :

Breakfast Show- (7:00am to 11:00am)

Youth-oriented Programming- (2:00pm to 5:00pm)

Evening Drive Time-  (5:00pm to 9:00pm)

Late Night Show- (11:00pm to 1:00am)

[dropcap style=’square’]B[/dropcap]Innovative Advertising Opportunities

In addition to regular Advertising, Radio Mantra offers the following innovations a brand can pursue :



RJ mentions

In an RJ mention the RJ speaks about the brand in a very effective and consumer engaging manner. An RJ mention is approximately 60-90 seconds.


Capsules are FCT spots.These are normal advertising spots where you can place your Ad.


Contests are run during programming timeband. These constitute 2 links. In the first link contest question is put up and listeners are asked to call or message. In the second link radio station declares the winner and take him/her on air. Each link is of 60-90 seconds


These can be exclusive or associate sponsorships. Exclusively can be used for Time Check and Traffic Update. And all shows have associate sponsorship space.


Fabric are the ones in which 3 RJ mentions are aired back to back for the same brand in an hour. All 3 mentions are connected with each other for a specific brand communication.


Traffic Update, Time Check, Weather Update, Stock Update etc are Utilities which have an option of Associate or Exclusive sponsorship Ad.


Wishes on a special day such as Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Independence day ,etc by a client.


Marketing events are conducted by the radio stations . The client have the opportunity for Title Sponsorship, Powered by or associate sponsorship.


Sparklers or Sweepers are 10 second FCT which are aired as the last or the first spot of the break.

Road Blocks

Road block is the one in which only One Advertiser advertises for a particular time period. It is an FCT road Block then all the spots aired will be of the same advertiser. In content Road Block the Programming content is utilised by one client i.e the RJ Mentions, Sweepers etc

Outdoor Broadcast

When a client has an ongoing event at some location then our Outbound Radio Jockey goes to that specific location and records bits of consumers act and the same is connected live on the radio station with the Studio Radio Jockey.

                                                          Note:       FCT-Fixed Commercial Time

[box style=’doc’] You can advertise in Radio Mantra for any of the following locations:

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How can you advertise in Radio Mantra 91.9 FM?

Advertise-With-Us1) Visit our website- to select your City, Business category,Target Audience and Objectives for your radio advertisement.

2) Select between Booking Your Radio Ad Spots OR Getting your Radio Jingle Commercial Developed

For Booking Ad Space:

– Review tailored Media Plans to suit your objectives. Compare and view rates across stations to select Radio Mantra.

– Select your Campaign Duration,  Preview Your Booking Details & Clear Payment


For Creative Development

– Select between the 2 Ad formats(Voice Over & Jingle),desired Ad duration,number of themes and preferred language .

– Clear Payment

3) Receive Instant Confirmation for your Creative Development via Email + SMS Alert.[/box]

Incase if you have any questions , you can contact us on 09830688443. You can also email your requirements on and wait for our radio advertising experts to follow up.

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