Radio Commercials Require Great Theatre of the Mind


Radio is one such medium where you can directly convey whats on your mind and also is empowered to create great virtual effects in our minds.Radio has the ability to create fantasies and emotions in the minds of the listener.

Profound Sound, Heart-touching emotion, Exclusive drama, Great humor, Intense suspense, Horrid conflict, Unbelievable imagination. Does any other media deliver so much at such reasonable price.

Creating commercials for radio is critical. Radio as a medium has totally different dimension to look into for its ad success. One cannot simply take a successful print or television advertisement and expect radio to perform in the same path. Radio ad- theatre of the mind, and the more you comprehend the mind of a listener , the impact your campaign will be more effective.
Radio ads are effective because they don’t portray the pictures that we see in all other media ads. Some may disagree, whereas for some advertisers (eg: Craftsvilla, Ethinicity stores, Escee Infrastructure, etc) and some messages, that statement is actually very true.Radio-Theatre

Picture this:  You are driving down any major artery in Kolkata and you see an ad on the side of a bus shelter.  The ad has a picture of a man being dragged into the ambulance and his small daughter crying out holding his hand and his wife in terror on her face. We see the family helpless and in tears.  The ad there is the advertising “copy”, that is striving to get you interested in buying life insurance, insurance that will protect your family even in your absence.  The idea of this ad is to scare you into buying their insurance.

What does the normal person think about the people they see in the ad?  Their first thought is, “That isn’t my family!”  The child is so sweet, the house is great.  That house has blue siding, mine is brick. This ads a failure cause the banner is great but the product is lost. How could you make that ad more effective to make you product presence felt?

Consider this example.  You are listening to  radio and a commercial begins with background sounds of a man breathing heavy…he calls for help, a female voice crying in shock, a child calling to her father, arriving sirens, people taking the man into the ambulance, the sobs of a woman and child etc.  After painting this vivid picture in your mind, the commercial aims to scare you into the need of having the insurance company’s product through carefully written ad copy.  This ad, is fervent and profound, has gotten your attention. Leaves you feeling numb for sometime unlike the banner ad which stays in short term memory and is forgotten. helps you make such impact.

Why did this ad get your attention while you dismissed the ad depicting the picture?

In the second radio enabled example you were required to use your imagination.  You were required to think about the complex situation of a daughter and wife.  And if you need to picture a patient and a family in this sound based ad, what is going to be your thought?  Your own!!!

In the first example, you were quick to delete the ad because the situation shown wasn’t relatable to you.  The picture of another situation and family  gives you the quick out.  “Well that wouldn’t happen to me.  That situation is different than mine.”  The first ad fails in creating that emotional connect. At we enable you to give a personal and emotional touch to your ads, cause it always works.

Advertising is always effective and efficient when an emotional connection is made.  When you strike the emotional strings of the listeners, the consumer pays attention.  And when that happens, your message breaks  the clutter and makes a lasting impression in the audience memory.

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