Radio advertising for Jewellery Store


The common conception is beauty can only be seen through eyes and when it comes to jewellery advertising people confound it only only to television and origin-of-newspaper-advertisingJewellery-radio

Jewellery is a item which helps in adorning oneself to enhance personal beauty. People choose jewellery only after analysing its beauty and worth its visual experience. This is considered as the major challenge for radio advertising in this product category. But when someone reads you the words of Astrid Alauda does sound still seem to be weak.Not at all. The beautiful lines actually creates more beautiful virtual image of the jewellery than its reality. The thought process created by the ad makes the audience craft virtual jewellery for themselves and also creating the urge to explore more at your store.

Jewellery businesses are considered to be money making business and thereby most agencies exploit them putting them into premium station brands and wasting ad spent with excessive slot distribution. At your ad will be beautifully adorned and placed to give you economies of scale to your spent.

Radio ads for jewellery works best during festive seasons in India. Ads during appropriate time span brings prosperous results. Radio ads should be well crafted to create a snapshot of it in the minds of the consumer.

One should not  run ads that talk about having lower prices. Price is surely a matter of concern for jewellery shoppers but should not be the major topic of your ad. Just claiming to have low prices is hardly effective. You’ve got to substantiate your claim by explaining why your store can offer better prices in your radio ad. Your explanation has to ring true in the hearts and minds of a jaded public.Jewels-on-radio

The message should convey the beauty of the jewellery and the location of the store. There is no requirement to enforce making charges free, contact number and extra details to confuse the listener and waste your ad spent time. Too much of information would blur the beauty of your jewellery.

If you want to advertise for franchisee atleast a 15 days ad with 10 spots per day would be advisable. Franchise ads build the master brand and helps in expansion. Media plan is required to be formulated with utmost care and expertise to get the best possible awareness stage.

Product-specific ads benefit every retailer who sells the jewellery, but they aren’t really about the retailer at all. They’re about the jewellery and the unique edge that you would do to make the jewellery more beautiful. These kind of ads should be played for atleast 15 times per day for 1 week minimum.

Store-specific ads are the foundation of local branding, but to portray them requires intimate touch. It needs to run for 10 slots per day,then shifting to 7 slots till awareness of the store is created.

Radio ad needs expert consultation or your ad would be lost. A combination of effective creatives and good media plan would hit the necessary results needed.

Its not necessary that things of beauty can only be advertised through visual items, creation of a virtual picture through the radio plays a more effective and direct response.

Take our consultation and make your jewellery sound beautiful.

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