The Radio-Television Bond


Synchronisation of radio with other media leads to optimum reach and result. Radio mostly is being used as a support panel to the primary advertising campaign. To get audience attention and to generate sale of the ad –primary thumb rule is the delivery of the right message at the right time to the right ears.

Radio and television is one of the most powerful and much used media combination in India. The cause is the the underlying common strength of both the media – both are consumed on daily basis, accounts for a high share of the average consumer’s media day, and as real-time everyday media both are effective in reaching out to customers. However, the differentiating factors between the two media helps to create to have a highly powerful and proven multiplier effect.

To a large degree radio and television have similar strengths. Both enable advertisers to reach out to and engage new customers. Both also allow advertisers to decide when consumers will be exposed to their advertising messages. They are both consumed for several hours on a regular daily basis, and combined they account for over 80% of the time that consumers spend with media each day.

The functional media differential characteristics is efficiently seen as outstanding bond media combination to get classic results .Radio has low ad avoidance and Television has product demonstration power. Radio provides direct response and television provides impede movements. Radio reaches people when engaged in relevant activities and television is only featured in segmented programme environments. Television has high evening orientation whereas radio has high morning orientation. Radio initiates personal emotional bond whereas Television has public initiates. Radio is seen as a ‘speak with’ medium and Television seen as a ‘talk at’ medium. Radio is 4 times more cost-effective than TV in generating awareness.10% of a TV budget deployed onto radio can uplift overall ad awareness by 15%. Some form of audio branding is a common factor across the most successful radio and TV campaigns.

The combined effect of using the two media in combination is greater brand universality, an ability to reach out to new customers (especially ad avoiders) effectively, and to speak with people in different modes – thus enhancing brand recall rate and relevance. It is possible to quantify the “media multiplier” effect of adding radio to a TV campaign. This combo trend is a long-established media planning norm to maximise TV campaign effectiveness by taking a portion of the TV budget and re-deploying it in radio always works and gets the best possible returns. will help you to fall in sync with television ads and get the best possible results. Contact03340311140, for assistance.