What to Consider While Writing a Radio Ad Copy


The information you gather and the script that you prepare based on that are two very different things. In case of the former, the details are raw, but in the latter case, everything is organised and scripted properly. Just using words is not enough to express things, it is important to have a properly arranged copy to impress people. An advertisement copy, no matter for which media it may be, should have an organised format to throw an appealing impact on the public.

Advertising with other medium include visual clips in the form of pictures or videos, but in case of radios, it is only the voice that reaches people. Thus, while writing a radio ad copy, one should make the script simple and keep it brief. The word limit and duration of ad should go only to the limit that the listeners could easily remember and recall.

Using long advertisements on Radios are likely to lead customers towards confusion and distraction. If you think longer radio ads can get you better results, you are mistaken. In fact, the result can be totally opposite. Thus, for your convenience, here are some guidelines that have been provided to assist you to make an eye-catching radio ad copy:


  • There are advertisers who start giving details about their inventory in their radio adverts. Avoid doing so. If you give the list of products and services on air, no listener could remember anything.
  • Keep your advert simple and brief. Make your radio ad copy to-the-point. Note that a short message is easy to remember. An ad on radio spanning 15 seconds or 30 seconds is enough. Utilize the time and mention your stronger points. Within those seconds, convey the things that you have and your competitors don’t. See how effective your radio adverts would be. There are rare cases where advertisers choose to go for 60 seconds ads.
  • Not only appropriate words make a good radio ad copy, but you need a suitable voice for the same. If you are not able to introduce audio by the best voice talent, all your efforts would be worthless.
  • To get utmost attention from the audiences, try being as creative as possible. This will not only ensure enhanced awareness of your products and services, but will also make sure your prospects could recognize and recall the ads easily.
  • Covey your phone number or website address on which the listeners, who are likely to become your prospects could reach you.

Follow the editorial ethics and prepare a radio ad copy and see how effective it proves to be for your business. You can also take help from the radio advertising agencies who are always there to help you with various offers and ad packages.