Cost Effective Advertising on Suryan 98.3 FM via releaseMyAd


It can be said that Suryan FM dominates the radio industry in the Southern Half of India. A part of Sun TV Network, this radio station caters excellent content to the Southern cities.  was Tamil Nadu’s first private FM network. Suryan FM largely deals with entertainment, and most of their shows are targeted towards the youth. They also exhibit variety in the content of their shows, conducting interactive debates, addressing certain social issues such as women empowerment, and a number of shows that deal with the issues of the cities where Suryan FM enjoys audience; apart from these, they also regularly play top regional songs, all of which contributes to their overall popularity.

Owing to this immense popularity, Suryan FM has emerged as a capital advertising destination. Here are a few reasons why advertising on this station is a great idea:ar

  • It is popular among many varying demographics
  • This network caters to the different broadcast locations by developing region-specific content
  • They play popular film music, which attracts movie fans from all sections of the society
  • They have a powerful brand name, and it helps to be associated with such a name.
  • The cost of advertising on Suryan FM is extremely affordable.

Suryan FM is available in the following locations:

Chennai Coimbatore Madurai Pondicherry
Tirunelveli Trichy Tuticorin

Booking your advertising on Suryan 93.5 FM is extremely simple. With the help of releaseMyAd, you can conduct the entire process of booking ads over the internet. You will get the best advertising rates for this network via releaseMyAd. Take a look at our webpage for booking ads on Suryan 93.5 FM.

The online booking process can be encapsulated as below:

  • Select the location where you wish to advertise in
  • Adjust the parameters of Ad Duration, Ad Frequency and Campaign Duration.
  • Select which time period of the day you would like your ads to be broadcast in from a choice of Prime Time, Non-Prime Time, and Mid-Prime Time.
  • You can now view the base rates for booking 10s of air space on Suryan 93.5 FM, and also view the overall campaign cost based on the parameters you have set. You can reconfigure these parameters to fit your needs, and your budget.
  • Confirm the choice of station and location
  • Proceed to the next page to select the start date for your campaign
  • You can review your booking details once more
  • Complete payment via a choice of numerous online and offline methods.


Other services offered by releaseMyAd include extensive Media Planning, which involves our experts coming up with a meticulous media plan based on your budget and exact requirements; Creative Development, which helps you create the most appealing and most effective jingles courtesy of our partners, Jingles India; and Consulting, which helps you review the progress of your campaign, and allows you to make certain changes depending on your projected results.

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