Get your brand noticed by advertising On-screen on Cinepolis


Cinepolis is a Mexican chain of movie theaters,which originated in Mexico in 1947.Its name means City of Cinema and its slogan “La Capital del Cine”,means the Capital of Cinema in English.Cinepolis is India’s only international theatre operator with 44 years of operational expertise in running cinemas and is globally ranked 4th in film exhibition sector.Cinepolis India,first opened in Bhopal by announcing a  seven screen multiplex,which was a  first time in Central India.Currently,Cinepolis runs more than 200 screen across India.

Launching cinema ads on the screens on this International theatre has proved to be a big success.But,what makes advertising on its screens such a boon? Some reasons are cited below:

  • It is present in over 10 cities in India.
  • It operates with all of 84 screens and a staggering 17600 seats.
  • Has portrayed phenomenal growth in entertainment sector .
  • Has massive expansion plans in southern India.
  • Targets the young and affluent audience.
  • Immense brand value which helps build the goodwill quotient of the client’s brand.

Advertisements are displayed on the big screen either before the start of the movie or during the interval.There are two formats for on-screen ads,either of which can be adopted by the advertiser to promote his brand or cause:

  • MUTE SLIDES-These traditional slides are similar to print display Ads, and are presented in mute format for 10 seconds. The advantage with mute slides is its low budget requirement.The audience’s focus is drawn only through the visual creatives portrayed in your Ad.
  • AUDIO SLIDES-These slides are shown on the big screen for a relatively longer duration of 20 seconds with audio effects. Ads are featured with an appropriate impactful background jingle, voice-over or an instrumental. This helps you to easily attract the attention of a receptive audience and increase the recall value of the brand.

releaseMyAd is a famous name in Cinema advertising.It helps you easily book on-screen ads on Cinepolis in either of its following branches:

Patna Surat Ahmedabad Bangalore Mangalore
Bhopal Mumbai-Central Line Chandigarh Amritsar Zirakpur

releaseMyAd provides you with the best service at the lowest possible rates thereby giving you great results. You get a chance to efficiently foster your brand and achieve your business objective.All you need to do is follow a few simple steps as a process to getting your ad displayed on the screens of Cinepolis :

1) Visit our Cinepolis Advertisement Booking Page

2) Mention the location  where you would like to advertise .

3) Select your Advertisement Type – 10 Second Mute Slide / 20 Second  Slide with Audio

4) Choose the specific Mall & your choice of Auditorium(s)

5) Upload Your Ad Creative Or Alternatively let us develop them for you

6) Specify your Campaign Duration, Preview Your Booking Details & Clear Payment

7) Receive Instant Confirmation for your Booked Space via Email + SMS Alerts

8) Your Ad goes live on your chosen Campaign Dates to start driving you business!

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