Are Display Ads in the Telegraph a good way to reach out to people in the Eastern Zone?

The Telegraph Display Advertising
The Telegraph Main newspaper display ad

Display advertising can seem like a cumbersome process for many advertisers, since it involves designing, ad copy, planning the budget and a medium to get the ad published. Deciding the newspaper, if you are sure of the region and kind of audience you intend to target, is quite easy. If you intend to reach out to a well-educated sector of readers in the eastern zone, then The Telegraph is the best answer. This is because, it is highly popular in the cities of Kolkata, Siliguri, Jamshedpur and Guwahati which constitute the major cities of the eastern region of India.

Why Advertise in The Telegraph?

  • The circulation of the Telegraph is a whopping 72 lakhs, in spite of targeting only the eastern region of India
  • Being a part of the largest publication house-The ABP Group, adds to the reverence and popularity of the Telegraph
  • Some of the editions of the newspaper constitute almost 70-75% of the English Daily readership of that specific edition compared to other newspapers circulated in those regions
  • Apart from this, the newspaper has several popular supplements which provide advertisers with a much wider range of the appropriate target audience.

Pullouts of The Telegraph

T2-The Entertainment and lifestyle pullout of Telegraph

The Supplements of the Telegraph, cover several topics including, Education, Jobs, Kids and Entertainment and even lifestyle, fashion and celeb gossip. Let’s find out details of the different supplements under the newspaper in question here.

CareergraphTargeted at students and interested parents who intend to opt for higher education for their children, the Careergraph is the most appropriate option for promoting and announcing admissions in schools, colleges, universities, coaching centres and other professional as well as vocational courses.

TT JobsTargeted at job seekers, TT jobs is an ideal haven for recruiters looking for educated candidates from specific regions in the eastern zone of India. Consultants, recruiters and human resource officials of the eastern India, consider this supplement to be perfect to reach the candidates with the right skill set.

TT MetroTT Metro is a popular supplement of the Telegraph, which consists of news and updates pertaining to the new and happening places nearby in the city such as retail outlets, showrooms, shopping destinations and more. It is the ideal Retail pullout by the Telegraph and best suited to serve the purpose of retail display advertising.

TT Jobs-The Appointment Supplement of Telegraph

T2T2 is the most famous supplement of the newspaper as it contains news, gossip and interviews of Bollywood celebs. This again is a great platform for brand promotions, announcing showroom launches and retail store advertising.

Popular Display ad sizes in the Telegraph

There are several factors which determine the price of a Display ad in Telegraph as well as other newspapers. One of the main factors which determine the rate of a newspaper display ad is its size. Every newspaper has certain criteria which need to be followed while publishing display ads and the same is the case for Telegraph. One of its rules requires the minimum ad size for the display ad to be 4cm (width) X 4 cm (length) which can be customized based on the need of the advertiser. Certain ad sizes are more popular in this newspaper as compared to other newspapers, such as

8cm X 4cm

8cm X 6 cm

20cm X 12cm

Quarter Page

Half Page ad (33cm X 25cm)

Full Page ad (33cm X 52cm)

Custom size (not less than 4 cm X 4 cm)

Careergraph-The Education Supplement of Telegraph

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