A Comprehensive Guide on advertising on Rainbow FM via releaseMyAd


AIR FM was the Indian government’s first radio initiative in India. Initially named FM Metro, this channel was rechristened AIR FM Rainbow in 2002. This FM channel is available in 20 different cities, and many other smaller towns and villages. Interestingly, Rainbow FM has no constant frequency on which they operate; instead, they operate on different frequencies in different locations. The reason why they function this way is because they are extremely dedicated in providing listeners with region exclusive content in their own regional language.
Advertising scope on AIR FM Rainbow :
Rainbow FM mainly deals in Hindi and regional language songs, and has recently ventured into playing mainstream English music along with classics from the 80’s. Rainbow FM also provides hourly news updates in English. AIR Rainbow FM is extremely popular across the country because they have outstanding network quality, and extremely good reception. Brilliant content and excellent reception are two of the three pillars on which Rainbow FM has enjoyed success.
The third pillar is advertising. AIR FM Rainbow is a stellar advertising platform for a variety of reasons. The top reasons why you should advertise in this network are as follows:

  • Advertising on AIR FM Rainbow allows you to advertise in many locations in India simultaneously
  • AIR Rainbow‘s strong FM signals carry transmissions so that reception is clear and crisp
  • Rainbow FM is popular among all age groups because they have content directed to all demographics.
  • By area, 30% of India has access to Rainbow FM.
  • By population, 37% of India has access to Rainbow FM.
  • Rainbow FM has a number of interactive chat shows which experience the highest listenership rates.

Time Categories based on listenership :
It is common in radio advertising to divide the day into a number of categories based on listenership ratings. On AIR Rainbow, the divisions are as follows:

Category Hours
Prime Time 7:00am – 11:00am
5:00pm – 11:00pm
Mid-Prime Time 11:00am-3:00pm
Non-Prime Time 3:00pm-5:00pm

Ads played during Prime Time will be costlier, but will be more effective than advertising in the other categories. The reverse is true for Non-Prime Time ads, where the ads are less costly, but so will the effect.
Advertising rates on Rainbow FM:
The rates for booking 10 seconds of radio space on the top locations during the different time categories are as follows:

Location Prime Time Mid-Prime Time Non-Prime Time
Delhi 1100 770 440
Mumbai 880 660 440
Chennai/ Kolkata/ Bangalore/ Kodaikanal/ Hyderabad 770 550 330
Lucknow/Cochin 550 440 280
Panaji/ Jallandhar/ Cuttack/ Vijayawada/ Vishakhapatnam / Coimbatore/ Pondicherry/ 440 330 220

Advertising Opportunities on Rainbow FM:
There are a number of advertising opportunities that you can avail of on AIR FM Rainbow too, depending on what would help your requirements. The different types of advertisements you can book on AIR Rainbow are as follows:

  • Sponsorships of 30 minute programs, with FCT of 2 minutes.
  • Sponsorships of Hourly news bulletins
  • Sponsorships of 1 minute traffic, weather, transport, and stock notifications, with FCT 10 seconds.
  • 1 minute Jingles (Extendable to a maximum of 3 min)
  • Sponsorship of songs with FCT 20 seconds
  • Sponsorship of programs of duration 15,10 and 5 minutes, for which FCT would be 60,40 and 20 seconds respectively
  • You can also buy spots for 15,10 and 5 minutes where you can publicize your brand/service/product for the entire duration

How to book your ads on Rainbow FM:
The easiest way to book your ads in this excellent network is through releaseMyAd. You can book your AIR Rainbow ad through releaseMyAd, in the comfort of your living room. The booking process can be encapsulated in brief as such:

  • Choose the city you want to advertise in
  • Choose the preset plan you would opt for from a selection of Quick Burst (7days, Ad duration 15s, Ad frequency 7/day), Super Burst (15days, Ad duration 15s, Ad frequency 7/day) and Effective Reach (30 days, Ad duration 15s, Ad frequency 7/day)
  • You can customize the preset plans to fit your needs.
  • Provide your business details to view rates.
  • Choose the time category you would want to advertise in
  • Choose the parameters of Ad Frequency, Ad Duration and Ad Tenure
  • Select the dates for your ad campaign
  • Complete Payment

Other Services from releaseMyAd:

Other services covered by releaseMyAd include extensive Media Planning, wherein we decide upon a detailed media plan based on your budget and exact requirements; Creative Development, which helps you create the catchiest and most effective jingles courtesy of Jingles India; and Consulting, which helps you review the progress of your ad campaign with respect to your projected results.

If you want more information about Rainbow FM, you can mail us at radio@releasemyad.com or call us on 09830688443.