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Hindu Display advertising

Founded and Headquartered at Chennai, Hindu as a newspaper has reached great heights ever since the year 1878. It was formed by Triplicane Six (a panel of 4 lawyers and 2 teachers) originally used for the purpose of supporting Sir. Muthuswami Iyer at the Madras High Court for a judgeship and to make amends for the propaganda against him by the Anglo-Indian Press. It was initially a weekly newspaper, when it started in 1878, however with time it came to be known as one of the most popular English dailies after 1889.

Famous for its Editorial section and comprehensive news coverage of National and International political events, it has become a “Must Read” newspaper for all the civil service aspirants and of course civilians. The Hindu had a circulation of 13.9 lakh copies across the whole of India. The Hindu has editions published across major cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad City, Trivandrum, Chennai, Madurai, Vijayawada, Coimbatore, Mangalore, Visakhapatnam, Delhi, Mysore, Trichy, Hyderabad.

Display ads are most effective when published in a newspaper like The Hindu. Since these are expensive newspaper advertisements, they are primarily published by large business houses and Multinational Corporations to promote their brand in the market. It is completely different from the basic classified adverts and need expert designers and highly creative and effective content with the use of colours, customized images and logos. A Hindu display ad is synonymous to an instrument that helps you showcase your business to a much broader audience thereby enhancing your audience reach.

At releaseMyAd we offer effective solutions for your display ad needs. You can customize your own Display ad and choose your preferred ad size and position. The various ad sizes you can book as a display ad in the Hindu which determine the cost of your advert are listed below:

  • 4cmX 4cm (minimum display ad size)
  • 8cmX6cm
  • 20cmX12cm
  • Half Page ad(33cmX25cm)
  • Full Page ad (33cmX 52cm)
  • Custom sizes

Along with this, you also have the full freedom to specify the preferred page you want your ad to be published in which include the following options- Third Page/ Back Page/ Front Page or any other page. But please keep in mind that the first 3 options are levied with premium charges.

What are the benefits of publishing a Display ad in The Hindu?

  • You can drive the attention of a Proactive audience to your brand/product/service
  • You can cater to a large number and variety of people in different parts of Southern India and all other metropolises
  • You can choose to publish your ad in any of the popular Hindu Pullouts as per your requirement, which are listed below:

Obituary or Personal -These are intended towards offering condolences to your dear ones who are no more. It is more of a section than a separate pullout. Also know that Obituary Booking ads can be booked 24 hours before the intended publication.

Empower -The career pullout of The Hindu is the best platform to turn the dream of job seekers into reality and to receive the best candidates for your company. This pullout is perfect for those recruitment firms, consultancies and organizations looking for bright professionals from across the Southern India.

Education Plus –An exclusive channel to promote and popularize your Education Institutes via print advertising. It is targeted to students at different levels like schools, colleges, universities, professional courses, vocational courses etc. and is published every Monday.

Metro Plus weekend -The City Pullout of The Hindu that throws a light on Food, fashion and Lifestyle on weekends. It has a separate edition for every city published daily and is the best medium for publishing display promotional ads related to multiple categories like lifestyle, fashion, retail, business, events primarily in the specific cities and the surrounding regions

Habitat– This is the most popular supplement of The Hindu and encourages Property advertising. It consists of articles and news about different developments in the Real Estate industry as well as advices on interior and exterior decorations. Unlike most other pullouts, this pullout also includes classified display advertisements

Supplements of the Hindu

 Metro Plus– The various topics of discussion on this page include Lifestyle, Music, Heritage, People, Fashion, Dining Out and sport. It throws light on the most happening moments, places and events of the city and captures the pulse of the city’s changing lifestyle.

Friday Review – It is one pullout that binds every creative artist from various creative fields like Art, Dance, Faith, History & Culture, Music, and Theatre. It is specifically meant for people having artistic flavours and therefore an ideal platform for approaching an elite class of audience through advertising.

With releaseMyAd you can publish a display ad at an affordable price. Check out our Hindu Display advertising page and proceed with the booking of your display advertisements in the most popular and respected English daily of India. To know about the booking process and the various discounts available on advertising in the Hindu, glance below:

Booking Display ads in the Hindu with ReleaseMyAd in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Visit our Hindu Display ad rates page and choose your Edition or pullout name, specify the ad size and location 
  1. Upload your own Ad or Design your ad with the help of design templates 
  1. Choose the release dates and proceed towards making the payment via our online/offline modes

Your Display ad booking will be confirmed after we receive the payment.  To conclude on a happy note, please know that the creative team at releaseMyAd is available to help you customize or even design your Display Ads to ensure that it grabs the maximum attention and eye-balls. For more details contact us on 09830629298 or drop an email at