Have you seen the Best Print Ads of 2014?

Best Display Advertisements in Newspaper

Print ads have been the traditional form of advertising. It was the Display Ads which were sufficient enough for the advertisers to convey their Ad messages. Earlier the Newspaper Advertisements used to follow a methodological format having the headline, illustration, sub heads, followed  by  a catchy slogan and details about the product.  They used to be more informative and instructive  rather than being innovative and creative. But by the turn of the 20th century, aesthetics played an important role.  Advertisers now pour in all their creativity into the Newspaper Advertisements which conveys more what television and radio ads fails to do.  If a picture “says” a thousand words , now a picture  can “sell” a thousand products.

Check out these 10 extremely Creative Print Advertisements who were  competent enough to grab the customers attention sole because of creativity.


1. Mc Donalds has always created one of the best Display Advertisements. Using just four pieces of their popular french fries, they have successfuly conveyed the message that Wifi is now available in their outlet.

The Mc Donalds Wifi Advertisement

2.Much like the ever spirited essence of Coca Cola, this ads asks all its consumers to be what Coke is…Never staying inside the lines.

The Coke Side of Life

3. By having a social message of Child Education this advertisement of BIC Wite Out created a massive impact

BIC Wite Out Advertisement

4.Promoting the letter writing in their this Whatsapp era through this emotional campaign was heart touching.

Start Writing Letters

5.  Umbrellas are no more a hateful piece of luggage when you have Blunt Umbrellas, it saves you from anything.

Blunt Umbrella Dynamite Advertisement
Blunt Umbrella Dynamite Advertisement

6. What an innovative way to create a Drive Safety Awareness

Drive Safe Campaign For Cyclists

7.  A Psychotherapy  Counselling Foundation with the innovative campaign

An-Innovative-Campaign-to-Invite-Patients- of- Depression
An Innovative Campaign to Invite Patients of Depression


Chupa-Chups-Sugar-Free- Lollipop-Display-Ads
Chupa Chups Sugar Free Lollipop Display Ads

9. Advertisement of a Mouthwash Brand Frescura Bucal

Frescura Bucal Advertisement

10.  Lastly, when you use Mark Zuckerberg( IMAGE) as the theme, it surely got to hit the maximum.

Top Magazine Luxury Trend Advertisement
Top Magazine Luxury Trend Advertisement

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