Grab your audience’s attention with newspaper display advertising!


The first advertisement in a newspaper is believed to have been printed in the Boston News-Letter in the year 1704, where an estate was promoted for sale. In the years, and eventually centuries that followed, newspaper advertising has grown to become not just a big business, but a lucrative channel for businesses to advertise their products and services. 

As newspapers became popular in the 18th century, advertisements in newspapers became mainstream, and newspaper display advertising emerged as a preferred choice for advertisers. As a result, large, eye-catching advertisements would show up alongside news articles and editorial content, and newspaper display advertisements steadily gained ground as an effective way to attract and retain the reader’s attention.

Display advertising is the type of advertising that makes a message truly stand out. Just as the name implies, display advertisements are ads which focus primarily on using visuals to convey a message. 

In newspapers, display ads are the most extravagant types of ads, and they come in varying sizes, with the largest being a full page display ad. Needless to say, the larger the ad, the higher the ad cost. 

Newspaper Display Advertisement

However, it should also be noted that the size of a display ad is not the sole determinant of its price. Equally important is the page on which the ad is placed. If a display ad is placed on the front page, it will come at a significantly higher price than if it is placed on any of the following pages. The day of the week, as well as the specific city edition of the newspaper are also factors that have an effect on the total ad cost. 

The mere ability of display ads to present a message in an eye-catching manner, with visuals, images, designs and colours included, is what makes these ads so popular among businesses. It goes without saying that ads that are visually attractive will have a longer lasting impact on the mind of an audience. 

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