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The tastes and interests of people are often ephemeral, transitioning from one to another, while maintaining the same degrees of passion. It has been proved by numerous studies that one of the things that humans are most passionate about is music. Music has the ability to reinforce our thought patters, invigorate us or make us contemplate; it can relieve stress and stir up emotions. There are several reasons why we listen to music – often to pass time, often to be entertained.

Radio AdsThe last century has witnessed a boom in the music industry, with new experimental genres becoming staples, and the formation of new sounds, new instruments and new inspirations. Among the most popular sources of music are radios, and owing to their prevalence in India, a lot of radio are now taking initiative to cater to the various new genres of music to entertain the urban crowd. One such radio network that has established itself among audiences is Chennai Live 104.8 FM.

Started in 2006, Chennai Live 104.8 FM prides itself for being India’s first Talk Radio FM Station, as well as being the leading English radio channel in Chennai. Despite the major focus being on music, this radio network also aims to educate and inform listeners about the latest news about their city, providing regular updates about the traffic, weather, bulletins, and events. Chennai Live 104.8 FM also hosts a number of insightful and stimulating talk shows that encourage free thinking and adopting new viewpoints and perspectives.

Chennai Live 104.8 FM is one of the most popular networks in Chennai, and enjoys unparalleled popularity. In fact, advertising in Chennai Live 104.8 FM is one of the most effective ways to reach the people of Chennai. So how does one book ads in Chennai Live 104.8 FM?

It’s simple; book your ads online via leading advertising agency, releaseMyAd. Started in 2009 as a newspaper ad agency, releaseMyAd enjoyed various successes and went on to provide unique advertising solutions for radio, cinema, online, and magazine advertising, in addition to newspapers. To book ads on Chennai Live 104.8 FM, follow these steps:

  • Visit releaseMyAd’s dedicated Chennai Live 104.8 FM page.
  • Choose destination.
  • Enter the parameters of ad length, ad duration, ad frequency and advertising slot.
  • Provide us with your business and contact details.
  • Choose if you would like us to design your radio ad for you. If you have one ready, you can share it with us.
  • Select the date you would like to start your campaign.
  • Clear payment via a host of online and offline options.

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