Take the simplest route to On-Screen advertising on Gossip Cinemas!


Gossip Cinemas is one of the most popular and premier cinema brand of Bandra West, Mumbai. It has 2 sister brands -Galaxy Cinema and Gossip Cinema, situated in the same location. The theatre targets the elite “Mumbains”  with a high propensity to spend as its prime audience.

Despite having just a single screen theatre with 105 seats, advertising on the screens of Gossip Cinemas has proved to be highly effective owing to the many opportunities it offers:onscreenads

  • It caters to all sections of society .
  • On-screen Advertisement charges begin from Rs 6750 per month.
  • It has high brand equity, which helps raise the goodwill quotient of the client’s brand.
  • It gives a chance for advertisers to share screen space with names that have an enormous fan-following.
  • Being located in an elite residential area in Bandra, it serves as a movie hub for mostly the middle and upper class.

On-screen Ads would be screened during movie intervals of 5 shows per day for 7 days a week for a month’s duration in either of the two formats, depending on the advertiser’s choice :

  • Mute Slides(10 secs): These are very much like print display ads, without any audio effect. They stay static on the movie screen for a duration of 10 seconds. They have a low cost of production which makes them a popular choice with the cinemas advertisers. The attention of the audience is seeked solely through visual creative.
  • Audio Slides(20 secs): These adverts run on the big screen for a span of 20 seconds and are played either before the beginning of the movie or during the interval time. They are rich in visual effects along with audio(Background music, Jingles, Voiceovers etc). They have more attention pulling an appeal to them which makes the brand get higher recalls.

releaseMyAd is a reputed name in Cinema advertising. It not only helps you broadcast your ad on the screens of Gossip Cinemas in Mumbai-Western Line, but it also provides you with the unique experience of designing your ad with the assistance of experts. Our team helps you not only decide on the right format for the advert but also boosts the creative content of the commercial, making your brand distinct from your competitors.

Just access our 24*7 online booking platform, and book your Cinema ad in a matter of minutes:

1) Visit our Gossip Cinema Advertisement Booking Page

2) Select your city as- Mumbai Western line

3) Specify your Advertisement Type – 10 Second Mute Slide / 20 Second  Slide with Audio

4) Choose the specific Mall & the Auditorium

5) Upload Your Ad Creative Or Alternatively, you can have us developed them for you

6) Specify your Campaign Duration, Preview Your Booking Details & Clear Payment

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8) Your Ad goes live on your chosen Campaign Dates to start driving your business!

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