Advertising on Cinemax screens taken to a new level only via releaseMyAd


Cinemax, a product of the Kanakia Group is one of the prominent entertainment companies in India. It was established in the year 2002 as Cineline Entertainment(India) Pvt. Ltd. to carry on the business of building, owning and operating multiplex theatres and entertainment centers. In 2006, the name of the company was changed to Cinemax India Ltd.Currently,it is one of the largest exhibition theatre chains in India and consists of combination of multiplexes (91) and retrofit single-screens (10).

Cinemax with its network of 39 theatres with 138 screens,has played it big in Cinema advertising as well.It has been associated with a list of high profile clients who have numerous branding equations with them. Cinemax is a top choice with advertisers owing to its :

  • Vast market presence in India covering 14 states and 42 cities,which provides a perfect scope to reach all segments of the audience.
  • It caters to round about 20 lac movie goers every month,which helps the advertisers reach a huge mass within a short time.
  • It is one of the most premier theatre chains in the country and has carved a name for itself because of its excellent facilities and services.Hence,advertising on its screens takes the client’s brand name and goodwill notches higher.

On-screen advertising has proved to be the most popular because of the many benefits attached with it .Cinemax offers two formats to do the same:

  • MUTE SLIDES(10 secs)– These are adverts with no sound effects.They last on the movie screen for a minute 10 seconds time frame and have a low cost of production.

The attention of the audience is captured solely through the creative displays!

  • AUDIO SLIDES(20 secs)– These adverts last for 20 seconds on the movie screen and have both visual and audio content.This makes the commercial more captivating and leave a deeper impact on the audience.Creatives in the form of Jingles,expert /celebrity voice-over,or background music can be incorporated to enhance the recall value of the ad.

Cinemax has a pan India presence with an approximate  geographical distribution in west-79%, east-9%, south-6% and  north-6% .

releaseMyAd is an advertising agency,gives you the opportunity to campaign on Cinemax in the following locations:

Hyderabad Baroda Rajkot Nagpur
Nasik Gandhinagar Siliguri Mumbai-Western Line
Guwahati Malegaon Anand Kolkata
Raipur Surat Bangalore Mumbai- Harbour Line
Pune West Delhi Ahmedabad Cochin
Mumbai-Central Line Vellore

 Promoting  your brand on the screens advertising of Cinemax is made easy via releaseMyAd.All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Select Cinemax
  2. Pick your Location and Ad type.
  3. Select the number of Malls and Audi you want to advertise in.
  4. Formulate the Ad, select the Date and make online Payments.

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