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Times of India display ad

Currently owned and published by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd, The Times of India has a legacy of being known as the most widely circulated and read English Daily since 1938. It was initially published to serve and be read by the British Residents of Western India. However, its role has evolved over the years and it is now the most widely circulated English daily in not just India but the whole world. It is published in more than 25 cities of India and is expanding at a rapid pace. The cities covered by the Times of India are listed as follows:

Ahmedabad Chennai Hubli Patna Kanpur Mangalore
Aurangabad Coimbatore Hyderabad Kochi Mumbai Pune
Bangalore Delhi Indore Kolkata Ranchi Mysore
Bhopal Goa Jaipur Lucknow Nagpur Surat
Chandigarh Nashik Madurai


The TOI is not just popular among readers but is also quite popular among advertisers. In fact due to its massive readership, the Times of India display advertising is considered to be the best way to reach out to a hoard of potential leads. The newspaper has acquired the faith of the readers which proves to be a huge advantage for advertisers as it creates a sense of security for the customer and helps establish faith of the reader in the advertising brand.

So now, get noticed easily by publishing a Display ad in Times of India main newspaper or its popular pullouts which include the following options:TOI (2)

  • Times Obituary– This is more of a section than a separate supplement which can be published on any day, depending on the requirement of the advertiser. It is the perfect place for people to offer condolences, announce death notices, release invitations for Obituary rituals and annual remembrances for the deceased loved ones, bosses, soldiers who served the country and even celebrities
  • Times Ascent– This is a completely separate pullout meant to target job Seekers by employers, consisting of content and ads related to recruitment, employment drives and other career related information. It is published every Wednesday with the main newspaper and enables the release of only display adverts
  • Financial- This particular supplement refers to the popular Economic Times edition of the Times Group of publications and predominantly caters to Businessmen associated with finance companies, share market, mutual funds etc. It is the best way to reach out to those who intend be up-to-date about market trends and wish to promote schemes and finance companies easily. This edition is published on a daily basis.
  • Education Times– This supplement of TOI is published every Monday and targeted to students at different levels-schools, colleges, universities, professional courses, vocational courses etc. It is an Education advertisers best resort to communicate with the target audiences
  • City Times– This pullout of Times of India is city specific and has a separate edition for every city published daily. It is the best for publishing display promotional ads related to different categories like lifestyle, fashion, retail, business, events primarily in the specific cities and the surrounding regions
  • Times Property– Meant to be the ideal platform to communicate with potential customers for Real Estate Dealers, Agents and Property brokers, this property specific supplement is published every Saturday along with the main newspaper. It consists of articles and news about different developments in the Real Estate industry as well as advices on interior and exterior decorations
  • Times ZIGWHEELS– Targeted at all the auto freaks, car dealers and automobile companies, Times ZIGWHEELS is the best platform for promoting automobile companies, new car launches, car accessories and service centres and more
  • Business by Bids– Meant for Business, Public Notice and Tender display ads, the Business By Bids is a rare supplement published by the Times Group. A specific pullout for public notices and tender ads is barely found under any other publication. It is published from Tuesday through Sunday along with the main newspaper.images (16)

Display Advertisements are the most expensive form of newspaper ads and have a much larger impact on the audience and one can easily customize its size, positioning, placement and page preferences. In case of Times of India display ads, please keep in mind that the minimum ad size is about 8 cm (width) X 6 cm (length) for all editions except Delhi which enables the booking of minimum 8 cm X 4 cm display ads. This rule is applicable for the main newspaper as well as all its supplements.

Why should you publish a Display Ad in Times of India?

  • You can choose to publish your ad in 25+ cities of India, either separately or at once ensruing maximum reach
  • It is one of the most widely read English Daily in India that has largest circulation among all other English newspapers published in India
  • You can publish your ads in popular TOI Pullouts like Times Obituary, Times Ascent, Financial, Education Times, Times Property, Times ZIGWHEELS, City Times and Business by bids as per the category preferences
  • You can choose to publish your ad in Any Page/ Third Page/ Back Page/ Front Page, at any extra charge of course as per the guidelines of the publication
  • Display ads in Times of India help you to attract reader’s attention that in turn helps you to sell a product
  • You can make your Times of India display ad look more interesting by using texts, colours, designed logos and picture , thus attracting the reader’s attention

Ad Sizes for Times of India Display Ads

These ads can span across various columns of the Times of India newspaper and you can customize your preference. At releaseMyAd, you can view Campaign cost by selecting desired ad size and position. The various ad sizes are

  1. 8cmX6cm
  2. 20cmX12cm
  3. Half Page ad(33cmX25cm)
  4. Full Page ad (33cmX 52cm)
  5. Custom size (not less than 8 cm X 6 cm)

Booking Display ads in Times of India newspaper is easy with Releasemyad.com. All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps

  1. Visit our Times of India Display Ad booking page and choose the main paper or the pullout name, ad size and edition
  2. Upload your own Ad or Design your ad with the help of online templates
  3. Confirm the ad release dates and proceed towards the payment for the same. You can pay via our online/offline modes of payment

As soon as we receive your payment, your Times of India newspaper Display ad will be confirmed. In order to get the rates for advertising in the Times of India display you can directly visit the Times of India Display ad rates and continue with the booking process.

On a whole, ReleaseMyAd guides you through a hassle free Display ad booking procedure in Times of India and its pullouts in only 3 simple steps.