The Top Ten Commercials of 2014


Since the year of ‘brand-vertisements’ is coming to an end, we decided to pay tribute to some of the best commercials in the year 2014. There were quite a few incredible advertisements which won our hearts but a special few will remain in our memory for some time. We picked the most stunning advertisements of this year and bring to you an amazing collection of deeply inspiring, quintessentially humorous and hard hitting social awareness creating advertisements.

1. MTS speeds up Evolution! This newborn is proficient in taking selfies, and much more!


2. Center Fresh can do wonders for aspiring orators…..or waiters

3. A brilliant message within a brilliantly shot ad! Simply Iconic!



4. Kitkat gets babies into their groove!



5. More dancing babies! An excellent ad from Evian that will definitely bring a smile to your face!


6. Check out what the hilariously goofy duo of 5Star, Ramesh and Suresh are up to this time!


7. Google touched many hearts through this wonderful advertisement!


8. This 5 minute commercial should be made into a full length movie! Incredible!



9. You will never find a truer, better friend than your pup! This advertisement captures the unbreakable bond between two friends, and also sends out an important social message.


10. Samsung brilliantly portrays the best features of their latest phone in this visually stunning and informative commercial.