releaseMyAd makes In-Cinema Advertising accessible to all businesses via online platform.

Kolkata, June 17th, 2015:    releaseMyAd, India’s largest advertising platform for offline media, has announced the launch of In-Cinema Advertising to its customers. Local businesses across India, can now advertise effortlessly across 120 cities & 16 multiplex chains. The platform offers a complete online solution for advertisers to compare, plan & execute their advertising campaign in their theatre & screen of choice.

In-Cinema Advertising, offers businesses the option to reach a captivated audience which is highly engaged compared to other mediums. A research conducted by the UK based ad-firm Digital Cinema Media shows that presenting a still from an advertisement induces three times the recall in moviegoers than in television viewers. “Businesses are provided with the option to target specific city neighbourhood multiplexes, making the medium ideal to target local audiences more effectively than national television”, says Rishi Baid, CEO of Jewel India.

Joydeb Chowdhury, Head of Eastern India at Khushi Ambient Media Solutions says that  “given its strong impact & targeting capability the medium has been increasingly leveraged by large brands to tailor national campaigns to regional audiences. While, large brands enjoy access to leading media buying, planning & creative agencies, local businesses due to lower ticket sizes and budget constraints are devoid of similar service levels, thereby creating a need for an online platform to service them effectively.”

“By aggregating all available inventory online, providing access to lowest rates & facilitating easy development of Ad creative, releaseMyAd aims to break barriers preventing local businesses to effectively leverage cinema advertising. The platform endeavours to educate and empower advertisers across businesses and geographies”, says Sharad Lunia, Business Head, Digital at “Businesses can choose among multiple Ad formats, such as slides or video commercials depending on their budget & marketing objective. They can individually select specific theatres & screens, to target specific movies tailored to the audience they want to reach”, adds Lunia.

“By enabling ease of access to cinema advertising, we intend to drive ahead our vision of assisting local businesses to reach their target customers more effectively within their budget without compromising on service quality.”, says Mr AK Uppal, Board Member and advisor to RMA.

The service has been operational in beta for some time now and has successfully served a diverse set of local businesses across education, retail, finance & jewellery.

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About  releaseMyAd:

releaseMyAd has made advertising accessible and easy for SMEs since 2009 when it was launched as a newspaper ad booking portal. Today, it has become India’s biggest advertising platform servicing over 1.5 Lakh businesses annually, across media that includes Newspapers, Radio & In-Cinema Advertising.  Believing in Mark Twain’s vision of “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising”, it empowers SME’s to effectively advertise across Newspaper, Radio and & Cinema. It achieves this through its unique self-serve Online Booking Platform, enabling Marketers to compare, plan, develop and launch their campaigns in their media of choice. releaseMyAd works with its extensive base of Advertisers across wide range of Categories and Budget sizes. releaseMyAd’s core team comprises of graduates from Wharton and other premier institutes with extensive experience in companies such as Microsoft and Google both in U.S.A and India.