Doormint captures home services sector with newspaper ads


Doormint’s Profile

Doormint began its journey in 2015 as a hyper-local home service provider. The start-up provides services like carpenters, electricians, dry cleaners, plumber etc. The organisation cares for your time and promises to provide punctual services. Doormint essays the most important problems for consumers – delays, poor quality of service and lack of price transparency.

Doormint intends to structure this highly disorganised sector. The organisation locates and sends proper service personnel at your specified time. Doormint takes care of your safety and hires personnel only after thorough background checks. The company functions through its online portal and mobile app.

You are guaranteed high-quality, on-demand services at scheduled time in Mumbai only with Doormint.

Need for Advertising

Being one of the new start-ups in the Mumbai horizon, Doormint needed to shout about its existence from the rooftops. They needed to connect with their target groups. As the company was looking forward to providing services on a pan-Mumbai basis, they needed to tell the city of their exciting and useful propositions.

Ad Agency

As releaseMyAd is itself a start-up, it comprehends the high strains and risks involved in supporting and developing such an enterprise. In all the years of its young life, releaseMyAd has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Armed with the experience of advertising for such industry giants, releaseMyAd understood the advertising needs of Doormint.

bombay-timesMedia Strategy

Target Audience

Doormint was targeting everyone within the age group of 20 to 60 who was tech-savvy enough to book for their services. We knew mostly professionals, homemakers and people who found it difficult to arrange for a repairman would be our customers, especially new migrants to the city. Affluent people in Mumbai who had to face these daily problems but did not have the time to deal with them were going to be Doormint’s first clients.

Since, at the onset of its journey, Doormint was working only in parts of Mumbai (Bandra to Borivali), our plan was to advertise in this locality only.

Choice of Media

We zeroed in on newspaper ads as we wanted our TGs to get back to us. Newspaper ads have a shelf life and their reach is significantly more. We decided to use Times of India as our media vehicle owing to its massive reach in the cosmopolitan areas of the city.


Our team of designers created a full page display ad for Doormint enumerating the privileges of being a Doormint customer. The ad was attractive and listed the services provided by the company. It was accompanied by their web address and means to reach them otherwise.

Media Plan

Times of India is among the top newspapers in the country and has a huge reach. Moreover, it has different editions in the city of Mumbai and caters to mostly our target groups, i.e., affluent people. We decided to pick up the Bandra-Borivali edition of the Bombay Times. This would surely reach our target groups where they are mostly concentrated and reduce the wastage.


Doormint reported a positive impact of the ad campaign. They reported more positive leads and a substantial increase in the order confirmation. The percentage of services sold increased too.

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