JSPL’s Panther storms the Patna market with vigorous Radio Mirchi ads


Jindal Steel and Power is a top Indian MNC performing in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. What began as a small manufacturing unit in Hissar, Haryana, today is a global steel and power producing global conglomerate. The company produces quality steel, sponge iron, hot rolled plates, coils, etc. JSPL is also into power generation through thermal, hydroelectric and renewable resources.

Need for advertisement in Patna

Patna has a booming real estate sector and we know TMT Bars form the backbone of any real-estate industry. Jindal Steel and Power wanted to make a gateway with its TMT Bars, Jindal Panther in the flourishing real estate domain of Patna.

Challenges in promoting JSPL TMT Bars

JSPL is a new entrant in the TMT Bars section with its Jindal Panther. Other older and much-established players have been Tata Tiscon, Atlas TMT, etc. in the Patna market. To topple these and gain momentum for Jindal Panther was a challenge in itself.


Jindal Steel and Power wanted to promote Panther TMT Bars. Their purpose for advertising was

  •         Increased brand recognition for Jindal Panther, and
  •         Bounteous Sales.

Ad Agency

Jindal Steel and Power choose releaseMyAd based on several recommendations from our previous satisfied clients. Also, releaseMyAd is known for its strict adherence to client briefings.

releaseMyAd Strategy

Identifying Target Groups

Our first task was to identify the company’s target groups. We concluded TMT Bars would only appeal to builders, construction workers or middle-aged family men constructing their own house. Thus, we targeted people in age groups of 25 to 55. Our main focus was on men rather than their fairer counterparts as these decisions are made by them mostly.

radio-1Medium of Communication

We concluded that since we were trying to enthral construction business people, especially civil engineers, construction site managers, construction workers and real-estate companies we better use a medium of advertising that is universal for all of them. Thus, we decided to advertise with radio ads.

Media Vehicle

As we were advertising for the real estate bosses of Patna, we decided to use the most popular radio station in the city. Also, we ensured to keep the jingle simple and lyrical for mass appeal. We chose Radio Mirchi for the task at hand.


We got a radio jingle made for our ad campaign. It was a 30-second radio commercial in Hindi which was specifically made to enchant our target audiences. We also got another variant of the ad running for only 20 seconds.

Media Plan

Our elaborate media plan was to run for 73 days. It was to have 3 phases. For the first 30 days, the ad would play completely. The 30 seconds ad would play 24 times daily.

We planned to use the 20 seconds abridged version of the commercial for the next two phases. We began the 2nd phase of the ad campaign with the ad frequency of 22 times on the first day and thereafter reduced it to 19 times. This aggressive ad campaign made sure Jindal Panther TMT bars made a mark upon the Patna audiences.

Our ad campaign continued for another 15 days with the 20 seconds ad playing 9 times daily. The last phase of the campaign served as a reminder to our target groups.


The success of the ad campaign can be measured with the increased sales of Jindal Panther TMT Bars. The Jindal group reported their TMT Bars sold 47% more in Patna after the ad campaign.


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