Radio Advertising & AIDA



Advertising is defined as promoting the sale of a message or product.  The more your message sells, the more will be the awareness of your product and service among the people. When you are just creative, it is an art, but when your creativity combines with strategy, that is called advertising. This strategy involves planning everything with an aim of convincing and persuading the consumers to try and use your products and services. 

Once you come up with ideas of approaching the customers effectively, the next thing is to reach them efficiently. For the purpose, you require an advertising media. Before proceeding to advertising media, you should know about the major types of advertising. 


Besides desiring instant response, many advertisers aim at creating awareness for their brand among the masses. If you wish the same, you should opt for brand advertising. This is, however, an effective measure for the big businesses. For small or medium enterprises, it is not really possible to spend on brand advertising. For them is the next alternative. 


If you are a businessman who aims at getting immediate response, this is for you. The response that you receive from the consumers is determined by the type of business you have and the marketing strategy that you imply. 

For you as an advertiser, it is important to know the differences between both the types of advertising. Because this can only help you choose a right medium for advertising your products and services. Whether it is brand advertising or direct response advertising, television, newspaper, internet, magazine and radio, all of them work effectively. 


For the people having a profitable business, it is easier to choose any medium even if it is costly, But for the group of people, who have potential but still run a small business enterprise, radio is the best medium for promotion of their brand and products. At inexpensive rates, it provides best advertising services. The best part is that it could also add on to the advertising approach of the big businessmen even among the people living in interior regions. 

Thus, no matter if you have a big, intermediary or small business enterprise, the only thing that matters is how effectively you use radio for advertising your product. 


There is no hard and fast rule so far as advertising is concerned. But of course, there is a creative principle that is followed in general by the advertisers. You too may be following the same AIDA rule.  Action- Interest- Desire- Action

From whichever aspect you analyse radio advertising, it will live upto your expectations. 


Being an advertiser, it is obvious that you want your brand and product to get attention in the market. It is surprising but yet true that radio reaches listeners even when they are on their way, either through the FM in their cars or FM on their mobiles or other devices. As a result, whenever you air your ad, it is likely to reach every listener everyday. On air, your radio spot will, of course, get attention if the sound effects, voice-overs, background music, etc. are impressive. 

Radio is only an audible medium. Only these parameters, such as, sound, voice, music, etc. could built up the mood of the listeners and could take them to whichever place you want. If you are successful in instilling the emotional essence in the listeners, be cent percent sure of success. 


So far as interest is concerned, radio is the medium that plays songs and in between airs the spots. When the people listen to the songs, they are in good mood. If you advertise your products during the programmes, you are likely to get the attention and desired interest from the listeners. 

In short, radio advertising assures of major success when it comes to promoting your brand and marketing your products and services. 


You are a businessman and you better know that creating a desire for your product in the consumers is a very difficult task. The listeners may develop an interest by listening to your advertisements but the interest does not signify their desire for the product.

When you create a product, it is obviously based on the needs of the people. Isn’t it? Thus, remember, whoever is listening to your radio ad has major chances of falling for it. You just need to make your approach a bit specific to that group of people. For example, if it is a beauty product, target females and appeal in a desirable way. Those people need it and hence creating a desire for the product will not be so difficult. Will it be? 


Unlike other advertising mediums, radio is known for having a call for action appeal. Through this airtime media, the telephone number or website address or other contact information is given, which increases the curiosity of the people. As a result, they contact the authority for details. If convinced, they buy the products or avail the service. 

Neither television nor print and not even internet media is as quick as radio in generating responses. In fact, adding radio as an additional media to the already existing television, internet or print mediums, will surely supplement the level of responses that you get from the audiences. 

Whatever you expect from an advertising media to bring for you, radio does all those things and even more than that. The cost that is incurred in advertising a product in radio is far more less than what you are required to invest for advertising on other media. Then why not go for this cost-effective option that offers additional benefits. 

Think and then make a justified choice.

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