Ten Reasons to Advertise on Radio


The more the availability of the mediums for advertisements, the more is the confusion on choosing the most suitable option for yourself. When you have to make a decision on which medium to use for advertising your products and services, making a right choice is very important.

Apart from the best known television advertising, internet advertising, print advertising, there is radio advertising that also dominates the advertising media to a significant extent. Of course, when we say radio is effective, we should give solid reasons to justify our statement. Here are some of the reasons that will, hopefully, clear all your doubts.


10- reasons



Unlike any other medium, radio reaches the audiences irrespective of their location, age and literacy level. This indicates that if you advertise your ad on radio, people from all backgrounds and age will be able to get to know about what you have to offer them.

So far as figures are concerned, it has been found that around 79% people listen to various radio stations on a daily basis across 89 cities in India. As soon as a person attains the age of 12, he is likely to get habituated to listen to radios. As a result, advertising through radios could grasp the attention of even the growing children, if they are your target customers. Remember, if you convince the kids, they will easily convince their parents.

Do you still think, advertising on radio can’t help?


Radios offer programmes of diverse nature. There are different timings for songs of different genres. As a result, as per the timing, the listeners tune in. This will, therefore, make it easier for you to reach your target customers. The songs and music of the Golden Era of cinema is the main focus for middle-aged and senior citizens. If they are the ones whom you desire to target, advertise your brand or product during that show. But of course, don’t remain confined to that radio programme only.

There are various radio formats, which you can select to target your audiences. Specific formats are for specific groups of people. The local or regional radio stations are the best to target specific market areas.

Will you get such targetability in any other medium? You decide.


As it has already been discussed above that radio is listened to by the people irrespective of their location, the emphasis is on its unconfined reach. No matter whether a listener is at home or on a drive, with radio, reaching out to the prospective consumers, instantly, is much simpler. During off seasons, during discounts, you can convey your rebated price to already shopping customers. Don’t forget, if your offer convinces the consumers, it won’t be shocking if they switch to your brand. In fact, if you have a store nearby, they will surely try your brand or products and services.

May be other mediums could offer this too. Don’t be mistaken. No other medium can be as immediate as a radio.


The listeners, who once get addicted to radios, remain loyal towards it forever. This can be a stronger point, if you choose radio for advertising your products and services. There are several radio stations and the listeners, therefore, set up at least one of them as their favorites. Even during the ads, they stick to that station. What can be more beneficial than this for any advertiser? Then why are you so confused?

If you are still confused, there are other reasons as well to resolve all your confusions.


Humans are emotional. With emotion, even if you ask them to do something they don’t like, they won’t say No to it. Thus, make sure your ad has an emotional touch. It is your appeal, which plays a great role apart from the creative steps taken by the radio stations.

The conversational approach of the radios is the strength of the medium. This way the listeners get a chance to connect with their RJs, which is the only thing that convince them to remain stuck to that very radio station and mark it as their favorite.

Are you sure any other medium could ensure such call-to-action?


If you advertise your product on television, print and internet, there are chances that your ads might get out of the audience’s sight and mind. In case of radio advertising, your spots will always remain in the forefront and the medium would not ever bury it to the back pages.

Can any other medium guarantee any such thing?


Radios have “multiplier effect”. This airtime media cannot only enable you to introduce your product in the media, but will also help you to ensure your brand or product remains in the memory of the prospective as well as potential consumers.

If you already advertise your product and service on TV, internet, newspaper or magazine, radio spots for the same will lead to a recall of those ads. This way, you are assured of getting cent percent responses from the customers.

Like other mediums, radio doesn’t give the listeners a chance to change the tuning frequently as it keeps on playing the songs in the middle. This makes media mix really successful. What’s your opinion?


If your listeners see or listen to your ad once and then next after three days, will they ever remember your product. Of course, not. Through radio advertising, repetition of the ads is ensured. Your ad gets aired multiple times, ensuring it reaches each and every listener everyday. What else would you desire from any advertising medium?

If you are thinking of some other media to advertise your product in, think once again.


Radio is only an audible media. In fact, it is addressed as the “theatre of mind”. The reason is very clear. It leaves people to imagine the things they listen to. No exceptions are the advertisements that are aired on. Thus, creativity works. Make sure your ad has special sound effects, appealing music, convincing voice-overs, good script, etc. If these parameters are consciously taken care of, recalling and giving the voices and sound effects a shape will become easier for the listeners.

For technical guidance, there are radio people to help you. So don’t worry.


In the advertising market today, where putting ads in a media is so expensive, radios offer cheaper and standard advertising facilities. The cost is so reasonable that you can produce spots, and also tailor it and make changes from time to time as per the changing market scenario. No other media could offer such a flexibility at inexpensive prices.

In fact, lower cost of radio advertising makes it convenient for you to use other media simultaneously for marketing and advertising your products and services.

Choice is Yours!!!

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