Globekart sells jewellery worth millions during Dhanteras with Red FM ads


Company Profile

Globekart is an online jewellery store that deals in stylish products for women, men and children along with gift items like gold and silver coins and gemstones like ruby, sapphire, topaz, emeralds, etc. The website engages in ethnic and contemporary jewellery for all occasions to be delivered at your doorstep. The featured pieces on the website have all the needed specifications to aid your choice. The in vogue costume jewellery forms a bulk of Globekart’s trade. With this unique concept of bringing jewellery shopping anywhere and everywhere, Globekart is the one-stop shop for all your gold, silver, diamond, platinum or pearl trinkets.


Indian women are known for their penchant for jewels. Traditionally buying ornaments has been a very different experience for most Indians. Whether it was the wedding regalia or anniversary gifts, we have grown up with the set notion of visiting the jewellery store to buy precious adornments. The concept of Globekart was new. And its potential customers needed some thorough convincing before they could be induced to buy from the online jewellers.


Globekart joined the list of our gratified clients soon after they launched the website. Their goal was to increase their brand recognition and thereby increase sale. They also wanted to dispel the myths of negativity regarding ornaments shopping online.

Globekart expected to reap benefits from the season of festivities in Bangalore, Delhi and their hometown, Kolkata.

Our Strategy

releaseMyAd is known for its successful ad campaigns within the clients’ budget and according to customer specifications. In this case, too we maintained our reputation. Our team had deduced that an online jewellery store will attract not only women but some men too. Men are known to shop for ornaments with festivals around the corner. Thus, we targeted the affluent/ upper middle-class tech-savvy women in the 25 to 55 age group and the same class of men in the 35 to 55 ages.

We intended to capitalise on the upcoming Navratri/Durga Puja and Dhanteras as these are the times when women go for jewellery shopping. Our team chose radio ads as our medium of communication centred on the device’s inescapable qualities. Wherever you are you cannot help but listen to a blaring radio station. We zeroed in on Red FM, as its audience base matched our target groups.

red-fmIn Kolkata and Bangalore, we decided to go divide the ad campaign into two phases. The first phase of the campaign began with the advent of Durga Puja. Bengalis in both cities buck up for their revelries and jewellery becomes an integral part of these festivities. Our English ads on Red FM captured this essence beautifully enticing audiences to buy ornaments from Globekart. The sales boosted for the company while the first phase of the campaign ran. The second phase of the campaign began just before Dhanteras in these two cities. We knew this would again boost sales as it is said buying jewellery on Dhanteras is auspicious for the family.

For Delhi, we again chose Red FM based on its listenership in the city. The radio station caters to our target audiences in Delhi. Here, we began to advertise with the waning Navratri festivities and continued till Dhanteras.

We made sure our ads played when women tuned in for their daily dose of Red FM. We chose the prime time slots and afternoon slots to make the ads more appealing to our target consumer.

Our ad creative was intended to build confidence among potential buyers to buy jewellery from an online jewellery souk. The ad focussed on enlightening the audience about the benefits of buying precious ornaments from Globekart.


Globekart conveyed positive results during and after the ad campaign. In Delhi, the company reported a great response; their sales in the national capital increased by 43%. In Bangalore and Kolkata sales saw an instant boost during the first phase of the ad with the cities reporting 33% and 43% higher sales respectively. The next phase of the campaign saw sales in Bangalore increase up to 12% and Kolkata sales grew to 21%.


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