Jewel India reaps the reward of using releaseMyAd

releaseMyAd's Jewel India Media Plan


Jewel India Jewellers had been a relatively new entrant in the industry; they started their business in early 2000s. It takes a jewellery retailer a couple of years to build up a respectable brand name for their shop. Jewel India Jewellers felt their impeccable service record over the years had finally made it a brand to reckon with, within the Kolkata jewellery market. So they were looking to run a campaign to boost immediate sales as well as improve market share and hired releaseMyAd to do the same.


Jewel India Jewellers had two main objectives

  • Brand Building
  • Sales Promotion


Research – Our analysts figured out the best way for Jewel India to build name recognition among its target market would be to increase footfalls which would ultimately lead to improved sales. So the client decided to employ one of the most tried and tested formula to increase sales, i.e. sales promotion. They were inclined to give a discount for a particular time period and a special exchange offer where old gold jewellery could be exchanged for newer products.

We understood Jewel India would do well to target mainly upper middle class consumers who had the need and the resources to buy jewellery but were not choosy enough to target only the top-tier jewellery brands or retail outlets. Jewel India wanted to grab as many eyeballs as it possibly could with its limited resources. So we suggested cinema marketing for it to optimize its marketing budget. Jewel India wanted to spread its resources between the more popular multiplexes across Kolkata to ensure its advertisement is viewed by prospective customers from all parts of the city. It chose three multiplexes and one screen per theater, the screen with the biggest capacity.

Media Plan – The media plan we devised for Jewel India was based on the following factors.

  • Advertising Type – Cinema Advertising
  • Location – Kolkata
  • Demographic – Upper Middle Class Consumers
  • Multiplex – Inox Forum (Screen 3), South City (Screen 3) and PVR Howrah (Screen 2)
  • Ad Duration – 10 second mute slides before all screenings for 15 days
  • Language – English fonts on the mute slides

Creative – The client chose to display four slides with the first one showing the interior of its retail outlet and its contact address. Its main aim was to familiarize the theater audience with the brand name of Jewel India Jewellers. The next slide displayed the best collections they had to offer which they believed would interest anyone looking to buy jewellery.

The final two slides focused on its sales promotion measures, with one of them advertising the special discount rates while the other one focusing on the exchange offer Jewel India was giving to its customers. Both the slides clearly mentioned the duration and the exact nature of these offers to avoid any confusion. It mentioned the discount rate of ten percent in the first slide and the fact that only certified gold jewellery is being exchanged in the second one.


The campaign initiated the following positive results for the client:

  • The exchange offer proved to be especially successful with a lot of customers choosing to avail that offer.
  • The sales figure of the retail outlet registered an annual high during the offer period.
  • Though the sales number dropped once the offer ended, they were still greater than what they were before the company hired us. It proved releaseMyAd’s campaign didn’t only successfully advertise the sales promotion measures but also helped Jewel India to build its market share which was its main objective.


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