The great response recieved by Escee Infrastructure Pvt Ltd for its new product ” KRISTAL SALT” , through Radio Advertising.


Escee Infrastructure Pvt Ltd  cultivate salt in 1600 acres of their  own art Refinery is situated near Tuticorn, Tamil Nadu. Their annual production hovers around 100, 000 tons per annum. They are also suppliers of  raw salt to chloro alkali industries.

They manufacture 3 types of salts- Iodised Edible Salt, Industrial Grade Salt and Industrial Grade Salt. Escee recently launched its Iodised Edible Salt, “KRISTAL” in Chennai.  They required an excellent media plan to launch their product.   On research it was seen that Chennai crowd had great radio listenership base.Based on listenership, Chennai is the fastest growing market among the metros. Today in Chennai, radio penetration has reached a level of 75 per cent and growing.

Based on the figures Escee Infrastructure chose radio advertising for their brand ,”Kristal” in Chennai Market.


Brand Awareness – educating the mass about the product and its purity.


Research: The major challenge that we analysed was how they could reach out to local customers, who tend to purchase leader brands like:Tata Salt. Making people shift from their loyal brands was the major challenge. So, we decided to target mothers, and make them concerned about their child’s iodine needs. Thereafter striking a balance to this cause of concern with the product as the ultimate solution. The client required to continuously hammer their customer minds. This meant advertising in large number of spots per day in leading radio stations.The Indian Readership Survey (IRS) results confirm Radio City 91.1 FM as the third most popular and the fastest growing FM station in Chennai. So, Radio CIty was chosen to AIR the Ad.

 Media planning and Media buying

-Geography: Chennai

-Demography: Women between the 30-45 age group

-Radio Station: Radio City

-Language: Tamil

-Radio ad duration: A 30 Sec Ad was run for 47 times per day for 15days

-Radio ad types: Jingle was aired during the prime time arousing motherly concern about their child’s diet needs.

-RJ mentions were 2/day for 15 days were added to inform listeners about the concern of iodine deficiency in children and its adverse effects. Also directing them to use “Kristal Salt” to combat the issue.

-Associate Sponsorship Plan for 5 sec 6 per day for 15 days was played to increase the campaign impact.

-Ad timing: Target audience everyone living in Chennai, Ads were played during prime time ,catering to all categories, from 07:00-12:00, 12:00-17:00 and 17:00-22:00, as this time span captures these time slots experiences the highest listenership base.


A jingle was designed by a co-partner Jingle India based on the ad script provided by our client. The jingle was a melodious piece of work directly connecting the event to the audience in a child’s voice.


  • The campaign was very successful, the company was delighted with the customer response.
  • Most of the retailers had approached the company for business.
  • Such great response in the first month of the campaign, made radio advertising unavoidable for the company. They now plan a monthly campaign on radio.

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