How to get the Best Ad Agency in Mumbai for an effective execution of your Ad campaign?


media-planing-buying-in-MumbaiAdvertising is essential for any sector or company to grow and be popular. Popularity in turn is directly proportional to increase in clientele. Hence, advertisers like you need to be careful and tactful when it comes to allocating funds towards advertising. It might often strike you whether your investment designated to advertisements and promotional strategies is worth all the money or not? You always get the answer to this question through the changes in your sales as well as popularity.

Mumbai is a city which has an ad agency in every nook and corner of the every street. It is the city meant for media houses, advertising, publications and art work such as designing, acting, directing and much more. Some of the major advertising agencies have their head offices in Mumbai, but not every advertiser can afford their services. Small budget SME advertisers such as you need an ad agency which can look into minute requirements individually rather than acquiring a holistic view of the brand. Big budget advertisers can risk experimenting with their advertising agencies as they are already popular enough to sustain on that for a considerable period of time. Many of them have reached a position where making ads which can only focus on creativity and quality of the ad rather than only promoting their own product or service.

What should be of primary importance while choosing your ad agency is to know and differentiate between your advertising requirements and priorities.  The factors that differentiate one ad agency from another are the services they provided which include Media Planning, Media Buying and Creative Development. Most ad agencies charge a fortune for the services they deliver, but ReleaseMyAd in Mumbai delivers the best of advertising services at nominal charges. We aspire to give precedence to your requirements because of which we have created an online platform for all kinds of advertisers with different types of budget. You can pick and choose from the services we provide based on your immediate requirement.

Fundamental Factors to be Fervent in an Ideal Ad Agency

People pick their advertising agencies for different reasons. Some choose based on the number of mediums they can help advertise in, some base their choice on the negotiation skills of the agency while some pick their ad agency based on the creativity they can lend to their promotional ad campaigns.


Smart Advertisers favour agencies which provide the best of services and display Excellent Campaign Planning strategies or skills. For a successful and effective media plan, an advertiser should essentially understand the demographics of the market or city and the thought process of the target audience. Mumbai is one of the most densely populated cities of India which has an immense scope for advertising and acquiring more and more customers.  It has a density of almost 30,000 persons per making it a haven for marketers with a tight budget as they can reach out to a much larger audience within a limited area.

Selecting the right media vehicle calls for the media buying and ensuring a Well Planned Budget Allocation. The right media mix can create the necessary stir in any section of the society or audience. Also your media buying strategy requires you to know about the available and most preferred mediums of advertising. You must know about the top performers in the field of media vehicles to understand that where all are you capable of reaching out.

In Mumbai the most preferred medium of advertising are Newspapers and you can evaluate the Top 3 English Newspapers of Mumbai from the details in the following table:

Name of The Publication Circulation in Mumbai Readership in Mumbai Rate of a 4 cm X 4 cm Display Ad on Any Page of the Newspaper
Times of India 8.1 Lakhs 24.73 Lakhs Rs.69,600
Mumbai Mirror 7.15 Lakhs 14.78 Lakhs Rs.26,320
Midday 1.48 Lakhs 13.7 Lakhs Rs.23,904


Among the Top 3 Regional Newspapers, there is a Hindi daily as well along with Marathi dailies, the details of which can be evaluated in the following table:

Name of The Publication Circulation in Mumbai Readership in Mumbai Rate of a 4 cm X 4 cm Display Ad on Any Page of the Newspaper
Maharashtra Times 3.23 Lakhs 10.2 Lakhs Rs.26,640
Lokmat 2.07 Lakhs 5.6 Lakhs Rs.13,400
Navbharat Times 1.62 Lakhs 4.91 Lakhs Rs.12,000


Online Advertising is the second most preferred medium of advertising for audiences in the Finance Capital of India. The busy lifestyle of the people in the city leads to time crunch, pushing massively them towards online purchases. Convenience and time management is essential to the people of this city and any Digitally Enabled Platform ensures that with certainty.

The third most preferred medium of advertising is Radio which has grown drastically in the past decade. The Top 3 FM Stations of the city along with their average listenership is provided in the following table for your convenience:

Name of Radio Station Average Listeners Per Day (5 times Slots) in 000’s Rates for 10 seconds ad
Radio City-91.1


Radio Mirchi-98.3


Big FM-92.7



ReleaseMyAd also provides complete assistance in the Creative Development of your ad campaign. Our Experts are always available to assist you with the planning, buying and creative designing of your campaign. Apart from this, you can simply email us at for Newspaper Advertising, at for online advertising and at for radio advertising. You can also call us at 09830629298 for instant assistance.