How to Pick the Most Preferred Mediums of Advertising for a Compelling Ad Campaign in Bangalore?


advertising-in-IT-city-bangaloreFor advertisers who intend to launch effective ad campaigns in any city must know that the main propelling factor for it is to understand the audience. Understanding the audience calls for understanding the demographics of the city as well. This is because every city has its own likings, disliking and preferences and an advertiser such as you, should always be able to attract their attention in a positive way through the right mediums. Metropolitan cities require much more detailed analysis in terms of population demographics since cosmopolitan cities have varied audiences. Often different communities reside in different parts of a Metropolis which calls for different approaches towards each community and hence each region.

Advertising in a multifaceted city like Bangalore may not sound that difficult with a little help from releaseMyAd in Bangalore. Being the capital of Karnataka, this city is a hub for a substantial part of the IT industry of India. People from different communities and states reside here to indulge in a prosperous career in the Information Technology sector.  An advertiser needs to comprehend the needs and even desires of city full of people with a busy professional life and a lot of money available at their disposal.

Bengaluru has a total population of 85 lakhs, among the relatively less populated metropolises.  Among these 52.25% are males and 47.75% are females, while the male and female ratio is quite stable, bringing the figures to around 914 females of every 1000 males. This data includes all the urban parts in and around the city which fall under the Bangalore Urban Agglomeration governance. Some of these regions are Chikkagubbi, Doddagubbi, Kannur, Suggatta, Ramasandra, Vaderapura etc.

Bengaluru which is also known as the Garden City has a total literacy rate of 89.56%, of which 92.61% are males while 86.21% are females.  These numbers help us know that the city has a high literacy rate both among males and females, which in turn helps you choose your advertising medium.


Why Us

There are more than 3000 advertising agencies across the entire IT City, which you can find out with a simple Google search. Some are preferred by advertisers due to the services they offer while some are approached for their expertise in advertising efficiently across multiple media platforms. But rarely does an ad agency have direct alliances with renowned Media Houses of different advertising mediums. ReleaseMyAd in Bangalore is one of the rare ad agencies which maintains cordial alliances with different newspaper publications, radio stations and are also associated with Google on a highly professional level. We are among the first Premier SMB partners of Google in India.

We are not only associated with media houses but also provide complete advertising services which include Ad Campaign planning, Budget Allocation and even Designing Your Creatives. We have designed and continue to handle Online and Newspaper as well as Radio Ad Campaigns for names like the B.K. Birla Group of Companies and Mody Institute Technology. We specifically excel in analysing and tracking your complete ad campaign from the beginning to the end.

Our Advertising Experts deliver results based on complete market research, audience analysis and effects of the creative designs.  We help you attain your promotional goals through your campaign with our assistance.

Deciding Factors for choosing the Media Platform

The first and foremost factor that drives the selection of the media platform is the audience, their distribution, type and preferences. Every demographic detail brings you closer to your target audience, helping you plan your campaign better and driving better results. For instance, advertising jewellery or boutiques in a posh region like Kumara Park, Sadashiv nagar, Richmond Circle or Indiranagar in Bengaluru have higher chances of acquiring attention as well as clients than advertising in Chikpet or Chamrapet. The type of audience residing in a particular locality helps you make your target space much more focussed.

Another factor that drives the choice of the advertising media is literacy rate of a region as it gives you factual figure as to how many people can read or comprehend other languages apart from Kannad. Financially well off audiences, even the educated working population constitute a large section of the target audience when you intend to reach out through newspapers or the Internet. In case you intend to reach out to a less educated or illiterate population, then, probably radio would be the best option.

The last but not the least deciding factor is Money. Your advertising budget must be well calculated and planned to ensure that you get maximum results with minimum investments since it is not always possible for all advertisers to shell out loads of money for ad campaigns.


Most Preferred Media Platforms for Advertisers in Bangalore

The media vehicle you choose ensures whether you can reach where you intend to reach and whether it’ll give you the desired results or not. The media platform itself soaks up a substantial part of your advertising budget, especially in case of print advertising like Newspapers. But at the same time you must know about the most preferred ad mediums of the city you intend to advertise across.

In the Silicon Valley of India, the most preferred form of Advertising is through Radio, which is, luckily the most effective medium for advertising in a metropolis. The Top 3 FM stations of Bangalore, based on the average number of listeners per day are Radio City-91.1 FM, Radio Mirchi-98.3 FM and Big FM-92.7 FM.

Next in line is of course Online Advertising, being the IT capital of India, online advertising is highly popular in the city. Social Media platforms are rampantly used by most students, professionals and even parents for not only expressing their thoughts and view but also for several essential purchases. The hectic and busy lifestyle of the IT professionals is one of the main reasons why people have turned to online purchases. This provides advertisers with a Golden Opportunity to place themselves in the place where people look most often.

Newspaper Advertising through huge is less popular in the city and is mainly restricted to regional Kannad newspapers. The most popular regional newspaper of Bangalore has a higher readership than the almost all the Top 3 English Newspapers Combined. The 3 main regional newspapers ranked as per their readership are Vijay Karnataka with 7.17 lakh readers, Prajavani with 6.59 lakh readers and Udayavani with 1.18 lakh readers. While the top 3 English newspaper of the region are Times of India with 5.1 Lakh readers, Deccan Herald with 3.1 Lakh readers and lastly Bangalore Mirror with 1.71 lakh readers.

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