What is the growth rate of Newspaper Advertising in India over the last 2 years?

Times of India gets the Highest Number of Ad Bookings

Newspaper advertising is the most common and easy way to advertise your Offers & Packages, Business, Travel Destinations, Goods & Services, Organisations, Products and almost everything else under the sun. It is an engaging process of communication to inform the potential customer about your products & services, moreover it is the best way to publish exhibit your creative side in front of the world. The advertisement can be a simple birthday greeting to wish your loved one to make him/ her special or the way to offer remembrances for a deceased family member or friend.

Hindustan – One of the Largest Hindi Dailies by HT

With the advancement of technology and the growing dependency on the Internet people have managed to find the easiest and smartest technique to promote businesses or get the best deals for our property or perfect matches for matrimonial alliances. But Newspapers advertising still remains the most trusted form of advertising. Most branding campaigns and classified personal advertisements begin and often end with newspaper ads.

In spite of online marketing and digital advertising campaigns, newspaper advertising still holds its place among all traditional advertising media. Nothing proves the steady growth of the Newspaper Advertising sector more than proven figures and facts.

The publishing of Newspaper Ads in India shows a hike in revenue from the year 2010- the total amount spent on newspaper advertising increased by 30%. The amount spent in India on advertising as a whole in the last financial year (April 2012-April 2013) stood at $ 6.7 billion (around Rs. 29.727 Crores) out of which $1.92 billion (around Rs. 8,520 Crores) is for print media, predominantly Newspapers.

Internet has not been able to beat the newspapers yet as an advertising medium because only 7 to 8 percent of our massive population is able to access the internet. The revenue of newspapers is largely driven by advertising in India as well as other countries. A comparative study of the top 10 Indian Newspapers helps provide a better understanding of the growth of Newspaper Advertising:

The top 10 newspapers of India as per readership are:

Dainik Jagran-The Most Widely Circulated Hindi Daily of India


1) Dainik Jagran

2) Dainik Bhaskar

3) Hindustan 

4) Malayala Manorama

5) Amar Ujala

6) Times of India 

7) Daily Thanthi

8) Hindustan Times

9) Rajasthan Patrika 

10) Mathrubhumi

When it comes to the growth in advertisements in each newspaper and the revenue generated by them , the ranking is quite different. Based on the rise in the number of ads booked and the increase in the percentage of revenue generated by them for releaseMyAd alone, the top 5 newspapers are as follows:

Malayala Manorama-the largest Malayalam newspaper in the world

Malayala Manorama: It is the largest Malayalam Newspaper published in Kerala, holds the 11th position among the most widely circulated newspaper in the world and No. 1 in Kerala. This publication grew by around 30% in last 3 years. Comparing Quarter 2 (April-June) and Quarter 3 (July-September), there was an increase of almost 39.75% in the number of ads booked. This particular newspaper has displayed a hike of almost 35% in releaseMyAd’s yearly revenue (2012-2013)

Times Of India: It is the most widely circulated English daily in India beating their nearest rival Hindustan Times in terms of readership as well as popularity. It is the best option for national reach and high budget ads. The ads booked in TOI through our online portal have shown an increase of almost 12% from Quarter 2-Quarter 3, while the revenue generated has risen to almost 48% from 2011-2013 ranking as the highest revenue generating newspaper for us

Dainik Jagran: Dainik Jagran is among the top 5 Hindi newspapers with the highest readership. It reaches everyday to more than 56 million people covering around 12 states in India. From advertising point of view this publication has bagged a rise of 43% in revenue since 2012 and the percentage increase in the number of ads booked in the same from Q2-Q3 is about 6%

Dainik Bhaskar: This is the most widely circulated Hindi newspaper in India and is the No. 1 Hindi daily in which thousands of ads are published. Dainik Bhaskar Group is the India’s largest newspaper group with their ability to reach every corner of the nation. This newspaper has shown an increase of 5% in the number of ads booked in Q2 through Q3 and has enhanced the revenue of releasemyad.com by 25% since 2012


Hindustan: Hindustan is one of the largest selling Hindi dailies by Hindustan Times having a readership of almost 12 million. Hindustan has provided us with a hike in our revenue generation by almost 8.9% and has resulted in an increase in the number of ads booked through us by 2%.

The newspaper advertising media is still the first preference of most advertisers because it is easily accessible to a mass audience and is available for the readers but a fairly nominal price. The newspaper advertisement segment contributes maximum to the financial growth of every newspaper. The simple driving factor behind advertising is explained by the fact that Advertisements, in India contributed around 30 Crores to the Indian economy, of which the Newspaper media alone has contributed more than half.

Newspaper advertising can proudly claim to have the highest annual growth rate of 28% in the entire Asia Pacific region.

Finally, it shows that “traditional advertising” is akin to “modern advertising”, if not better!!!

Author’s Bio: The article has been composed along with the deliverance of data related to different newspapers by Sangita Shaw, one of the most efficient and hard-working newcomers in releaseMyAd’s finance department. She has been a part of our team for the past 5 months and has taken up the responsibilities of the finance and HR department with panache. We thank her for her Creative Contribution as well as for providing us with some eye-opening details about Newspaper Advertising.