How do I choose my newspaper ad type? What factors are to be considered?


classified-advertising-in-newspapersMarketers often have to consider one crucial aspect of promoting a service or a product- , “How to transform a want to a need?”

This is where advertising takes control and plays the most essential role. This is why the one thing that is developing and gaining more and more relevance in our day to day lives is advertising. Even for the advertisers and marketers, advertising is a need to make their product or service stand out and gain prominence in today’s competitive world. One of the most traditional and oldest medium for promotional ads is the Newspaper.

In newspapers there are different types of advertisements. Classified Text advertisement is particularly common in newspapers and other periodicals as they take up very little space and are published in specific pages, under specific categories. These ads in a newspaper are typically short and frequent, as they are charged by line, word or character while additional charges are applicable for ad enhancements and highlights.

Classified advertisements are further grouped into categories or classes such as matrimonial, business, property, education, announcements etc.


There is another type of advertisement under classified ad type known as Classified Display Ad. It can be published in the form of text only or with Logos, background highlights and images. The pricing value is more than classified text ads and less than display ad. Some of the major categories under which these ads are published are Public notices and Tender Ad, Obituary ads and even Matrimonial ads are quite frequent. These adverts are much cheaper than the larger display advertisements, which is another newspaper ad type.

Display advertisements are the big budget ads which are more prominent and charged on the basis of the size of the ad in per sq. cm units. It can be published on any page of the newspaper as per the preference and budget of the advertiser. Unlike text ads, display advertisements rely on creative elements such as logos, images, taglines, engaging copy etc. to communicate their message with an eye catching effect. Most business, education and recruitment advertisers more often than not opt for Display Ads for maximum reach, prominence and impact.

There are quite a few arrays of influential factors that guide the advertiser to choose the correct type of advertisement. The three main factors governing the selection of Newspaper Ad Types:



Driving Sales or ROI: Advertising has itself becoming a “need” for the customer as well as for the advertisers. In this case an advertiser advertises to seek apt responses from the commercials and maximize his sales and return on the Investment he has made. Therefore selection of the correct type of advertisement serves as the most important tool in deriving adequate responses.

For example; If a local retailer intends to publish an ad to increase or drive his sales. It is advisable for him to book a classified text ad with a few ad enhancers like ticks, background highlights etc.display-classified-obituary-in-newspaper

Personal Messages: Often many people choose to convey certain messages and personal information related to certain important incidents concerning their friends or family through newspaper ads. In such cases, classified display ads are quite beneficial as they convey messages with images as well as text within a controlled budget.

For Instance; If a family member has to convey the death of a loved one in the family, to pay his respects and as a remembrance to the deceased, he can choose a classified display ad with the deceased’s image and a short message.

Branding or brand awareness is one of the largest driving factors for display advertising by spendthrift advertisers. Big or medium-sized brand names often invest a whole lot of money on print advertising and newspapers are at the top of all the other print mediums. Hence, advertisers like education institutes, recruitment firms or mass recruitment companies, big brand names like Levis, Kellogg’s or ITC choose display advertising over any other form of newspaper advertising.

The target audience of classified advertisers and that of display advertisements are barely the same. Thus different ad types address different sets of target audiences, thereby satisfying and fulfilling their needs and requirements.


Pricing is one of the most important marketing variables. If the advertiser does not select the appropriate ad type, then not only can there be issues in budget allocation but also in targeting the right audience. It may also lead to editorial, disapproval or rejection of the ad matter from the Publishing Houses.

Thus selection right ad type is the one of the most essential and primary step of publishing an effective advertising that drives desired results.

Author’s Bio: Composed by Saptamita Bhattacharjee, one of releaseMyAd’s very sincere, hardworking and talented Customer Care Executive, this article encircles all the factors to be considered while choosing the right newspaper ad type. She has been associated with us since the past 4 months and has already shown us different sides of her passion towards working with us. This article was published by her with the view to provide you with a neutral viewpoint and proper information to help you choose from Classified Text, Classified Display and Display Ads easily. Hope that it serves its purpose. Lastly, we would like to thank her for her contribution to our blog.