Radio gives outstanding results to Educational Institutes

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Radio – the device itself was correlated as being “old”. Now there is sea change to this concept, radio from being an “old-school” medium has shifted to be a “youth-centric medium”. Radio is one such medium, which consumes the maximum habitual time of the youth.

This stood out to be a guiding light for all schools, colleges, universities and institutes, who now spend a maximum of their ad budget on radio, to give personal creative messages to potential students to derive maximum responsiveness.

Indian educational sector is one of the largest in the world catering to more than 25 million students. The rise in per capita income has had a magnificent impact on the educational sector, making Indian educational sector one f the fastest growing industries.

With a raise in the standard of living of the people, the requirement for quality education has increased. The large young population is now turning towards other career options and have broken the stereotype career myth. The entire concept of education has had a revolution where student base has changed, perception towards education has changed, educational expenditure has changed, and moreover the entire education model of the country has had a rebirth.

Today it is just not about having a degree or knowledge it is about having the right educational degree as per interest and ability. Education is required to suit the student’s personality, only then does he opt it.

This era doesn’t introduce education to a child at the age of 5, the age of education has been accelerated to 2 years, when the child is sent to the play school. Today parents are not looking just for academics, they believe in all round development of the child in all fields. So, the basis of choices have changed.Indian-education-sector

These choices, preferences, mindset revelation, expenditure variations, etc are also the major reasons for the great boost in educational sector of India.

The major educational enrollers are the youth and this crowd mass devotes a big chunk of their time listening to radio. Listening to radio is a time pass, a habit, a trend, an informative and entertainment media for the youth. comprehends this trend change and helps you craft the best ads for your potential students.

Around 40% of the students say that they visited college websites when prompted through radio. Radio advertising formats are now exclusively specialised and it offers more specific direct targeting of the consumer segment making the campaign more effective.

Targeting geographically and demographically is much easier through radio. It helps to target a particular segment and helps in effectively positioning the educational institution in the minds of the potential students.

If we take the example of an engineering college: To make your radio ad a success you need to reach the students ear over and over again, you need to be heard on the youth favourite stations, you need to begin your campaign at least 1 month before the entrance result are declared. You need to do so because this is the time span when the student is deciding. The more familiar your brand is to him, the more are your chances of being his ultimate choice.

If we consider a educational institute like school, kindergarten, playschool, etc; here your target listeners are housewives, working class and mostly females because these are the people who ultimately decide the educational institute where their child would be taking admission. So you need to advertise on radio stations which cover your target listeners and initiates them to choose to choose you. Your ad should deliver the right message with your unique selling point and a jingle always works for this category type.

Radio advertising should be an essential medium to be used for any kind of educational institute to serve their purpose of filling their student strength to the optimum. With cut-throat market competition, varied career choices, varied institutional choices, the need for you to be heard becomes very essential. The major features of radio is its “capacitive listeners” and low ad avoidance criteria. Audience travel with radio and hear radio in parallel to other activities, but they can’t avoid your ad. This serves as a major pillar as your budget goes to optimum usage as there is negligible ad avoidance; you get value for your money. majorly deals with educational institutes, we know the listener psychic , your needs and the market trend. We have expertise in airing educational institute ads on radio and help you get bang-on results.

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