How Is Internet Radio Advertising Effective?


Using one media at a time is now the story of yesteryear. This is the 21st century, which is known for its tech-driven surrounding. Internet has become one of the most effective mediums for activities ranging from education to shopping. Of course, radio after its phase of extinction has again gained its charm, thereby making entertainment and advertising its strongest concerns. To a great extent, this comeback of Radio has been effective.

Radio and internet, therefore, appear to be the best mediums for both entertainment and advertising. Leaving the concept of using one media at a time has now been replaced by the brand new concept of Media Mix, where two or more mediums can be combined to effectively advertise a product or service. Combining the two most effective mediums together and using the mix to advertise is a great idea.

It has been found that people devote a major period of time in front of their computers. Thus, playing internet radio on websites works well. Any advertiser aims at targeting buyers from not only a particular town or city but from across the country. With Internet Radio Advertising, the business people or advertisers get a chance to approach national audience, who are likely to be the future buyers of the advertised products and services.


According to a study on the Internet Radio Advertising Effectiveness, it has been proved that most of the people listen to online radios while shopping. In addition, there are listeners who work and listen to online radios at the same time. Radio has a very personal appeal towards the listeners. On the other hand, Internet is strictly factual. It is the voice and sound elements that construct a bond with the audiences. In case of internet, it is the written words and descriptions that work.

Both the mediums have different kind of appeal, but see how effective the combination is when facts and emotions converge. Being an advertiser, you will always want your buyers to be able to track all the details to contact you. Right? Of course, people prefer going to the shop and buying things, but lack of time is what makes them buy things online. If you advertise your product on internet radio, while they shop, the listeners can easily use their net connection to see your website at the same time. This is impossible while they are on their way to shop or in the shop.

Take advantage of the online shopping addiction of the public and see what wonders Internet Radio Advertising does for your brand.