Distributor of Herbalife-an International Nutrition supplement boosts Business Prospects with Newspaper advertising

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Know our Customer’ is a very special initiative for releaseMyAd.  It is one of the favorite sections of our entire team. This is simply because, “Know our Customer” helps us solve issues faced by our clients, make amends in our system, highlight the strengths and features of a medium of advertising, improve our services and above all communicate on one-to-one basis with our customers. Through this section we understand our customers and attempt to convey that how newspaper as a medium has aided their purpose or need for advertising.

Sneha Phadke, an independent and earnest business woman, residing in Mumbai, has a whole new story to tell about the prospects and effectiveness of newspaper advertising. Her feedback helped us in not only improving our services but also our Customer Support base. She provided us with extremely honest and unbiased insights about releaseMyAd itself and helped us work on our weaknesses and acknowledge our strengths.

Let’s see what she had to say about our services and Newspaper as a medium for advertising in the short survey

 Q. What is your Business all about?

A. I am basically an agent of the US based  MNC which deals in providing healthy nutrition supplements named Herbalife for the health conscious people across all of India. The need and awareness of a health conscious lifestyle is rapidly growing in India and a lot of people take up rigorous diet charts and schedules which end up harming more than benefiting them. Now Herbalife provides a healthy, fat-free and nutritious food supplement in place of such unhealthy dieting.

Q.    Why did you feel the need to advertise your independent business?

A. The simple reason for advertising was to inform people about an option for extra income for people looking for such options. We wanted to offer a source of business & engagement to people who need an additional source of Income. We intended to promote, educate and extend this business plan to help the brand and product as well as help people who wanted to work from home, office or the Internet, without disturbing their current job or lifestyle.

Q.    Who is your target audience?

A. We mainly wanted to reach out to housewives, retired as well as working people and students above the age of 18 years. People who wanted to have an independent source of income and work according to their convenience without abandoning their comfort zone.

Q.    Was the purpose of advertising in newspapers served to your satisfaction? If yes, are you willing to invest in newspaper advertising again?

A. To be very honest, the responses I received were 50 % good and 50% useless. I try to market this Business Proposal through various mediums and newspaper was one of them due to its wide reach and as it is one of the best mediums for mass communication. People refer to newspapers from everywhere across the country and I did receive genuine responses from various parts of India. But there were people who simply called out of curiosity and some who called just for fun, despite this, we weren’t perturbed as this was expected and we were prepared for certain irrelevant responses as well. Though the overall experience with newspapers was quite satisfactory and we still do advertise in newspapers and receive great responses.

Q.    What made you book your newspaper advertisement via an online medium like releaseMyAd.com?

A. Firstly, when I had begun my business, the newspapers I wanted to place ads in, especially the National and English language newspapers, were taking bookings only online. Most of the reputed newspapers were taking bookings through releaseMyAd at that point of time, including big names like Times of India and Hindustan Times; hence releaseMyAd was a default option. Furthermore, the online booking procedure was really easy and saved a lot of time and hassles related to payment. I could make my payments through Credit Card with ease and reliability.

Q.    What was experience with releaseMyAd?

A. Though I was a regular customer of releaseMyAd.com and used to book advertisements on my own through the website, during the last few bookings I experienced a few difficulties. I was asked to produce too many documents and ID proofs while booking my advertisement for verification purposes. This was quite hassling for me quite a bit and I did not continue booking ads through them as there seemed to be a lack of faith in even long term and dedicated customers from their end.  Now I have a personal agent who books ads for me without any issues and all I have to do is to pay him on time.

Herbalife Office Abroad

If releaseMyAd could improve on their Customer relationship management and uncomplicated the customer verification process then I would surely take my chances with them again.

We must and would love to express our gratitude towards Sneha Phadke for giving us her valuable time and providing us with highly significant feedback and opinion about the services provided by releaseMyAd. Her feedback has helped us upgrade our services and make it simpler for her as well as future users who want to make complete use of our ad booking service.  But in our defence the problems,  Sneha faced were related to providing documentation and ID proofs for her newspaper ad, were purely due to new guidelines laid down by certain publishing houses. Should you like to experience our services by yourself, please visit origin-of-newspaper-advertising