Online Matchmaking Services still consider Newspapers as a source of getting Genuine

All India Marriage Coordination Center

Know our Customer’ is a very special initiative for releaseMyAd.  It is one of the favourite sections of our entire team. This is simply because, “Know our Customer” helps us solve issues faced by our clients, make amends in our system, highlight the strengths and features of a medium of advertising, improve our services and above all communicate on one-to-one basis with our customers. Through this section we understand our customers and attempt to convey that how newspaper as a medium has aided their purpose or need for advertising.

Bibahajog providing classified matrimony ads platform

All India Marriage Co-ordination Centre is one of Kolkata’s topmost and renowned Marriage Bureaus who have recently launched a matrimonial website named: The website enables people to take up membership of matrimonial and marriage bureau as well as matchmaking services provided online at a certain membership charge.

Mr. C.K.A Nair, Secretary to All India Marriage Co-ordination Centre and the website of Bibahajog, speaks to releaseMyAd about the relationship between online and traditional advertising mediums like the newspapers. In this interesting and informative conversation with Mr. Nair, who in spite of belonging to Southern India vividly speaks in Bengali, provides us with some extremely crucial interdependent traits of Newspapers and the Internet which are reflected in the following question and answer session.

Q. Could you describe the Nature of your Services?

A. All India Marriage Co-ordination Centre was initiated for people who have trouble finding the best match for their sons or daughters, siblings, friends and even themselves. Analysing, searching and matching relevant profiles is a time consuming process and in today’s day and age no one has so much time to spare.  Hence we do all the work from them for a fee. All they have to do is to provide us with their details and requirements and we can get the match for them. We have been in this service for almost 30 years now.

But it is essential for a business to evolve and so we decided to provide our clients with a service where they can enrol at nominal membership fee and reach out to prospective marriage partners without the intervention of third parties. The website was initiated to enable members and match seekers to upload classified ads with complete profiles and images at no extra or hefty advertising charges. They were only required to provide a quarterly membership fee of 1000/- and use the services for as long as they want. We only moved the procedure followed for newspaper classified matrimonial advertising and placed it on a universal portal at a much cheaper price and for a continuous and longer period of time. Our website is not like any other matchmaking service but it’s an online classified matrimonial advertising solution.

Making matches online at Bibahajog

A. Firstly, newspaper is not the only medium where we advertise. Our advertisements are also available across television as well as radio. But advertising through newspaper meant that we are a reliable source of information and matchmaking service for the less tech savvy people. We wanted our traditional customers to shift their focus from individual agents and expensive newspaper ads to a more economical and common portal for matrimony purposes, like the Internet. Newspapers reach out to people who do not experiment with online matrimonial portals unless asked to do so through a reliable source of information or if they heard of it from a close friend or relative. Hence newspaper is one of the advertising mediums we made use of, simply to convince the non-tech savvy people to make use of technology for traditional purposes.

Q. Who did you want to reach out to?

A. Well, mainly we wanted to reach out to parents of prospective brides and grooms. This is because, the older generation still believes in traditional advertising for matrimony purposes such as ads placed in newspapers. Since parents rely on newspapers, we wanted to be present and reach out to them with a new yet cheaper option of matrimonial classified advertising. Through newspaper ads we could educate them about the online listing of their own classified ads, the results of which are even better and reach is even wider than newspaper classified matrimonial ads.

Q. How did newspaper advertising serve your purpose of promoting a matrimonial website? Would select newspaper for advertising purposes in future?

A. I believe that newspaper advertising has helped our online business a lot as it attracted a lot of attention from non-internet users. It also reached out to the normal internet users to visit and use our services with consent from seniors. With the advent of several online matchmaking portals, the use of classifieds has deteriorated and parents hardly get a chance to make choices for their children, but through Bibahajog, even parents can join in the search for the best matches.

We still do provide classified ads in newspapers for informing more and more people to come and visit our website. Newspaper advertising will always be essential for our services to flourish.

Q. Why did you choose to book your newspaper ads online through a portal such as

A. Through releaseMyAd, I get on-the-spot ad rates and bundle offers which I can view and opt for on my own without the help of any third party agent. They get the rates directly from the publishing houses and the booking takes only a few minutes from their website. Since I am not very adept at online payments, we make the payments through Cheque (offline payment medium) which becomes a little hectic. In spite of that the payment is processed and responded to very fast. Above all, it saves a lot of time and uncalled-for hassles.

Promoting online matrimonial services via newspapers

A. The best part about booking newspaper ad online via is that I can see the word count instantly, view how my ad will look in the newspaper when it is published and I can also take the help of Sample newspaper ads to make my ad crisp and precise. The Compose Ad page is the most fascinating and engaging page of all. We can try different things and review how we can make our ads stand out.

The team of releaseMyAd is really thankful to Mr.C.K.A Nair & All India Marriage Co-ordination Centre for sharing his valuable feedback on newspaper advertising as well as releaseMyAd. We shall also like to thank him for his precious time and the service that he is providing to our society for their welfare.

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