Weekly Digest (16th-22nd March)


The ides of March are here…and gone. This week we bring to you plenty to read! Read on to find out why newspapers are the best, how you can get a better Quality Score and Account for more conversions, and don’t forget to check out our advertising blogs!

Newspaper Advertising Updates:

This week, find out why you Newspaper advertising is effective, and also read up on how you can save money and get the best deals for the same!

Why is Advertising in Newspapers so Important?

Your guide to low cost advertising in Newspapers


Google Advertising Updates:

This week we have gone back to basics. Find out about Quality Score, CPC, CPM and many more!

The Importance of Quality Score and How it Affects your Campaign

AdWords Tips for Small and Medium Businesses

5 Tried and Tested Ways to Lower PPC

An Elementary Guide to Google AdWords

How to Get More of your Prospects to Convert in AdWords

How to Determine Keyword Cost in AdWords

Advertising Saga:

We have a lot of advertising trivia for you this week! From Chocolate Wars to Cricket to Cars, check out all of it under one roof!

The Most Unusual Places To See An Advertisement

The Best Car Ads Of All Time

The Most Iconic Brand Logos Evolution

The Pepsi Challenge Commercial for IPL 2015 Comes With A Twist

These are the 10 most influential advertising agency blogs you should read right away

The Alpino India Ad Campaign Because Sharing is Caring

Chocolaty Brand War: Cadbury Perk Vs Nestle Munch

The Funny Side Of 15 Popular Brand Logos



We hope you found these articles helpful and interesting. Make sure you don’t miss this week’s articles!!