In-House Advertising- A Liability to Business Houses?


A business blooms only when it achieves maximum exposure.Advertising enhances the reputation of the company significantly.In-House advertising is a process of product promotion undertaken by the employees of the same business house.They do not outsource any work to external advertising agencies.This helps them command creative control over the product as well as in cost cutting.So its a vital decision for companies whether to go for In-house advertising or seek help of external sources.

In-House advertising may have its benefits,but its shortcomings outweigh the positives easily.If the negatives are discussed in detail we can have a clear idea as to why it can be a liability to any business.

  • Difficulty to conceptualize the product:A major roadblock faced by In-House ad agencies is that they may tend to have difficulties in conceptualizing the advertisement and the target audience.Since the creation process will take place inside the company itself,its difficult for their creative team to realise the specific reach they need to have and the kind of taste their target audience possess.So they may have problems chalking out plans to target the general audience.
  • Lack of Vision:An external advertising agency gives the business a new perspective.This feature is missing in In-House advertising as the creative team develops the product in accordance to their company’s taste.There is a lack of freshness to the product.And most importantly its difficult for them to think outside the box as their mindsets are completely based on the working trend of the company.
  • Miss out on Important Contacts:The major work of In-House advertising is done within the norms of the organization.This increases the chances of businesses missing out on important and established contacts which can further make the business more efficient.External ad agencies have a sound knowledge and are in touch with various brands and advertising houses,this gives them an edge over In-house advertising.
  • Necessary skills of personnel may vary:The creative staff of external advertising agencies have a better know-how about the latest market trend and possess an in depth knowledge about the business prospects.Its  a high possibility that the personnel of In-house ad agencies may not be well acquainted to PPC management.Training the staff as well as hiring new PPC professionals require additional funds to the business.So it can prove expensive.
  • Beneficial only for Large businesses:In-House advertising is mostly feasible for larger,well settled businesses as they can endure the element of risk.For smaller businesses its feasible to go for external advertising agencies as their first priority is to make a strong impression in the minds of the audience.Thus,its a one sided affair for companies.

Its not that In-house advertising is a negative form of advertising,however its limitations can make it a huge liability for any business house.Since advertising is so important for businesses,a prompt selection will lead only to the success of the business.Keeping these facts in mind,Businesses can make an even smarter selection by going for an Online advertising agency by the name of releaseMyAd.It provides online solutions through Search engine advertising,Remarketing,Display advertising.For your one-stop advertising campaign please mail at or contact us on 09038015241.