Radio Advertising Solutions to Businesses via releaseMyAd


Radio has been a predominant form of entertainment for many years.It has provided users with information as well as entertainment.It was a medium with an untapped potential.However, the exponential growth of the business sector has finally seen a potential in this medium.

Radio advertising has become a common norm now,as we are bombarded with ads related to various fields of work including business.Gone are the transistor radio days,now every cellphone has a radio and this gives business houses an enormous target audience.It is an extremely popular medium to provide the necessary information to a large audience simultaneously.Its funny how nowadays advertisements are played more than songs in any FM station! The advertisements which dominate the radio broadcast are mostly educational or business related.Radio advertising is an excellent medium for advertising and promoting a product for businesses,however it may prove to be really expensive if not dealt with caution.The solution to this problem is releaseMyAd.

releaseMyAd is an online platform which provides excellent creative solutions in radio advertising for all kinds of business houses.They assist the advertiser through various services such as Media planning,Creative development,Consulting.It makes the interaction with the business houses very dynamic as the possibilities of bouncing back ideas is very much possible.releaseMyAd has a total of 27 FM stations in over 210 cities and they work in 16 languages so it broadens the scope for advertisers significantly.Providing assistance and solutions is a part of releaseMyAd,few solutions which business houses can enjoy are explained below:

  • Discounted and negotiable rates for radio advertisement.
  • Ability to book an advertisement in top FM stations of India,which are covered by releaseMyAd(BIG 92.7 FM,RED 93.5 FM,Radio mirchi 98.3 FM,AIR FM Rainbow,Fever 104 FM)
  • A vast network of 210 cities gives businesses scope to target a large audience.
  • Language diversity is possible so its beneficial for smaller business houses to make an impression.
  • Efficient Media planning and Creative development together with consulting provides businesses a very adept approach.
  • Creation of taglines and jingles gives the brand a unique distinction.
  • Analyzing and reporting gives the business houses the luxury of knowing which FM station to approach and place their ad.
  • Top notch assistance in every aspect of advertising.

Radio advertising is a very effective medium of advertising for business firms as they can connect well with their target audience.However,with proper assistance they can leave a lasting impression. releaseMyAd provides that for every business and helps them accomplish wonders.  For further queries or guidance please feel free to call on 09830688443 or you can connect to us via