A ‘know how’ on posting ads in newspapers with releaseMyAd


Newspaper advertisements can literally make or break the reputation of a company. Naturally it is crucial to choose the advertising agency wisely. Since a lot of money is put behind one advertisement, companies obviously hope to acquire the maximum value for their money. Although the process of booking an advertisement may appear to be simple, it proves to be quite daunting most often than not. While a simple print ad can successfully convey an idea, a very embellished ad might fail to suite the purpose.  Advertising agencies have a huge responsibility towards the companies they serve as one wrong step on their part can seal the fate of their client’s business forever. Therefore, before placing complete trust on an ad agency, a little research becomes absolutely necessary.

releaseMyAd is one such reputable advertising agency that books advertisements across four media verticals- namely newspapers, radio, cinema and the internet.  Acknowledged by the Indian Newspaper Society (the cardinal governing organisation for all sorts of media advertising), releaseMyAd has built for itself a permanent space in mostly all the top notch media hot spots. Since large advertising agencies cannot be afforded by everyone, small companies often remain unsuccessful in promoting their business. Here is where releaseMyAd intervenes to assist small local companies to achieve their desired outcome. Catering to the advertising budgets of different organisations, releaseMyAd pays equal attention to all kinds of advertisement campaigns, irrespective of their size and content.


Here are a few factors to keep in mind while advertising in newspapers:

  • The nature of the paper– Starting from regional to nationally renowned periodicals, there are various newspapers that one can choose from. Local newspaper advertising costs will obviously be lesser than advertising in leading dailies like The Telegraph or Times of India. Further queries about expenses to post ads in newspapers can be solved by the rates provided at the website of releaseMyAd.
  •  The type of ad– This is the most important part when it comes to booking an ad in the newspaper. Advertisements are of three types:

1. Classified text ads– these ads are the least expensive. Their cost is decided according to the number of words there are in                                        it. Classified text ads are generally plain and follow the black and white colour code.

2.  Classified display ads– these ads are rich in colour and often use pictures to increase their attractiveness. They also allow the                                 clients to decorate them according to their own will. These are definitely most effective due to their visual appeal.

3.  Display ads– these are the most expensive ads to post in newspapers as they mostly bank on colourful images and clever                                         positioning. The sizes and features of this type of ad are quite flexible and the prices vary according to that.


  • How to choose the type of ad- For a business to promote itself successfully, the type of ad needs to be opted carefully. So it becomes important to analyse which advertisement layout will suite the content being posted best. For example, an advertisement about real estate needs to be designed under the classified display ads or display ads section. It will definitely not elicit good responses if posted under classified text ad section. Similarly, one should not unnecessarily post expensive ads that use up a lot of space if the content is really simple.

Hopefully, this article answers questions like how much do newspaper ads cost. For more information, visit releaseMyAd.com.