Weekly Digest (16th-21st February 2015)


As releaseMyAd wraps the eighth weekend of 2015, let’s take a look at some interesting news that you may have missed. We have published extensive guides for newspaper advertising and its various benefits, a number of detailed walk-throughs aimed to optimize your online advertising campaigns, some interesting compilations that feature the best and worst advertisements from around the globe, and a couple of really helpful tips for those on the lookout for an advertising agency in Delhi.

Newspaper Advertising Updates:

This week, the focus is on 3 newspapers – The Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar and Anandabazar Patrika, for which we provide our readers with an all-encompassing guide to booking and advertising. We have also shared with our readers a few advantages and disadvantages of newspaper advertising.

Times of India – A popular destination for advertisers of all shapes and sizes
Guide to Book Your Dainik Bhaskar Advertisement
Book Your Anandabazar Patrika Adverts through releaseMyAd
Advantages and Disadvantages of Newspaper Advertising

Google Advertising Updates:

Google AdWords guides are easy to come by on the internet. However, good guides for the same are hard to come by. Here are two well-compiled and helpful commentaries on how to optimize your online advertising campaign and stay at the top of the game.

Stop Experimenting and Hire an AdWords Certified Agency to get Instant Results
Here’s Why AdWords Users Can’t Afford to Ignore Call Conversions

Advertising Saga:

To state that the world of advertising is an interesting one would be a shameful understatement. I believe these fascinating compilations can convey the idea much better than my words can. Do have a look, and I guarantee you that you won’t regret it.

Have you seen the Best Print Ads of 2014?
12 Kinds Of Advertisements You Will Ever See
15 Most Epic Advertisement Placement Failure Ever
10 Most Share-Worthy Sports Product Print Ads
Humorous And Attention-Grabbing Commercials From Around The World
10 Super Amusing Art School Ads
Tips To Creating A Good Print Ad That Sells

Advertising Agencies:

Advertising agencies are bounteous in number, and it’s often a task when you are asked to choose one over the rest. These essays can help you develop an idea as to which advertising agency can meet your needs the best.
The best of both global and national Advertising Ideas
An assortment of Advertising Methods that all marketers in Delhi could use
A look at the top Advertising Agencies of Delhi
An Overview of the Best Advertising Agencies in India
The top global Advertising Agencies ranked in terms of revenue they earn

We hope you found these articles helpful and interesting. Make sure you don’t miss this week’s articles!!