Times of India – A popular destination for advertisers of all shapes and sizes


Times of India with a readership of 7.3 million is easily the most read English daily in India and the seventh most popular newspaper in the country. It is the signature publication of The Times Group which publishes seven dailies and well over fifty magazines. It is owned by Bennett, Coleman and Company Ltd, the largest mass media company in India.

With such a massive readership it is no surprise that advertisers are interested in publishing their ads in TOI. What further makes the paper an irresistible proposition to all advertisers is that it is also has the largest circulation among all English dailies across the world. It is available in 28 cities, with some of the major ones being Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.

It also offers to publish an advertisement under 20 separate highly specific categories to facilitate advertisers and help them grab the maximum number of eyeballs. Some of the popular categories are Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment, Business and Announcement.

Times Group Logo

The cost of advertising in TOI is higher than advertising in dailies in local language with a greater readership because it’s expected that the English speaking population which reads TOI would have a greater spending power which attracts the advertisers with greater resources. But still in order to gain a better understanding of how newspaper advertising works, it is imperative to understand its cost structure. The newspaper ads can be divided into three types:

  1. Classified Ads are exclusively text ads appearing in their own separate section, suitable for a matrimonial ad, obituary, rentals, change of name affidavit, etc. Their visibility is limited but they are the most economical option.
  2. Classified Display Ads are the above-mentioned text ads being supplemented by a picture or a logo. Their increased visibility is accompanied by increasing cost.
  3. Display Ads, the premium ads which can appear on any page, span to any size and are best suited to introduce new product, remind consumer about existing popular products and reinforce the belief that the existing product is superior to its competitors.

    TOI Front Page

The cost of an ad depends on three main factors or rather is a product of the three following factors:

  • Type of ad with display ads costing the highest and classifieds costing the lowest.
  • Size of ad, this is self-explanatory, with the size being measured in terms of area an ad occupies (full page, 10cm x 20cm) or the number of words/lines in a text ad.
  • Circulation of a newspaper, i.e. the reach of the paper depending on the number of published copies of the tabloid, its language, the city of publication and its readership or the average no. of people reading the newspaper on a given day. The rule of thumb is greater the circulation, greater the advertising rates but it has an exception as noted above.

So the ultimate cost function = Price of Ad Type * Area it occupies per cm^2 * Cost of advertising in chosen newspaper. Times of India follow the same rule to arrive at its cost. However the frequent special offers that releaseMyAd gives can ensure every advertiser can book an ad in the paper at the lowest rates imaginable.

If any advertiser requires further assistance in booking an ad in TOI he can email or call us.