Weekly Digest (4th – 10th May)


The summers are in full blast now, so it would be a wise  decision to stay indoors and learn about advertising from releaseMyAd.


Newspaper Advertising Updates:

Classified advertisements are arguably the backbone of the advertising industry, the most essential and basic form of advertising. Know all about classified ads in India’s top newspapers.


An Overview of The Tribune Classifieds

Book your Malayala Manorama ads via releaseMyAd

Deccan Chronicle Classified ad booking via releaseMyAd

Booking advertisements in the top newspapers of Delhi

Newspaper advertising in Mumbai: An Overview

Hindustan Times Classified- An Advertisement Paradise

Times of India Classifieds & releaseMyAd- A Potent Advertising amalgamation


Online Advertising Updates:

Know everything there is to know about Display Banner advertising? No? Don’t worry, this week’s section covers that, and more from online advertising!


The Best Advertising Options on the Internet

The Benefits of Organic and Paid Advertising

All you Ever Wanted to Know about Display Advertising

The Different Types of Display Advertising Banners

Weighing the pros and cons of advertising

What are the advantages of advertising?

The Top Online Advertising Trends Today


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