Times of India Classifieds & releaseMyAd- A Potent Advertising amalgamation


The Times of India is one of the oldest newspapers of our country. Established on 3rd November, 1838 it now sells an estimated 3.5 million copies every day.times-of-india-logo.jpg

Since it is spread throughout the major cities of India, it naturally ensures visibility of any message. This makes it a wonderful newspaper for providing advertising solutions for businesses as well as other aspects of the society. Owned by Bennett, Coleman& company limited, TOI is the premier publication of the Times Group. The massive readership makes it a hot property among businesses who aspire to make a mark in the consumer’s psyche. It is the best classifieds newspaper in the entire country with its 20 highly specific categories (Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment, Business and Announcement being the most advertised categories).

Classifieds section is a cost effective option in newspaper advertising and TOI provides economical rates for advertising. releaseMyAd, an online advertising agency has direct link with Times of India, thus enabling booking an advertisement effortless. It provides reasonable deals and packages for advertisements published under the classifieds section. Since releaseMyAd is also accredited with the INS (Indian Newspaper Society) it gives enough leverage and credibility to its services. As mentioned earlier, releaseMyAd enables booking of an advertisement through these options:

Classified Text Ad: These are exclusive text ads appearing in their own separate section in the newspaper, these are feasible for matrimonial ads, obituaries, announcements. Due to its low visibility this is a very cost effective option for posting ads. The procedure for booking a Classified display advertisement through releaseMyAd is a step by step process

Selection of category, location and newspaper package-Here the user has to select the advertisement category, the location where he intends to publish and the newspaper package of their choice.

Composing the Ad– Here the user has the liberty to compose their intended message in whichever way they please. They can design, edit and also decide position of the ad.

Dates and payment– After being satisfied by the above options, the user can choose on the days when the message will be published and make payment via Credit cards/Debit cards, Net banking, cheques and few other methods. The charges are made on the basis of per 5 lines used. Extra lines will incur further charges.

To book an advertisement in Times of India classifieds, releaseMyAd provides users with an authorised booking portal of Times of India for Online Classified and Display Newspaper Advertisement. It also provides various discounts and package deals to businesses that are in need of cost efficient yet effective advertising mediums. It is a wonderful chance for businesses to make use of this amazing medium at such cost effective rates to launch their ad campaigns. For further information please mail us via book@releasemyad.com or contact us on 09830629298.