Weekly Digest (27th April – 3rd May)


As the Month of May heralds in all the characteristics of a typical Indian summer, we offer our readers numerous tips on newspaper and online advertising that helps you launch your ad campaign without having to brave the scorching weather.

Newspaper Advertising Updates:

Newspaper advertising is an excellent avenue for advertising when done right. To avoid some common mistakes in newspaper advertising, and find out why newspaper advertising is so efficient, read on:

Booking EENADU Classified Ads Online Made Easy by releaseMyAd.com.

Book Matrimonial Ads in Times of India through releaseMyAd instantly.

Drawbacks of print advertising that you need to be aware of.

The pros of newspaper advertising.


Online Advertising Updates:

Mobile advertising is a big deal today, and it proves to be a highly rewarding investment for most of those who invest in it. Find out about Mobile advertising and much more in the section below:

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How can releaseMyAd Help Companies with Branding

How to Measure Success in Online Advertising effectively?

The Top Online Advertising Destination for SMBs

Find Out Why You Must Try Out Mobile Advertising

Factors To Consider When Looking For an Ad Agency

 Advertising Updates:

– Bizarre Top 10 Newspaper Articles


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