Deccan Herald Display Advertising Rates for 2010-2011


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Now you can check the Deccan Herald Display rates instantly online at Deccan Herald display advt rate card!

Below is a list of Deccan Herald Pullouts you can book your Display Ads for :

  • DH-Avenue : Appointment Display Ads
  • DH-Education  : Education Display Ads
  • DH-Realty : Property / Real Estate Display Ads
  • Special Pullouts : Bangalore City / Metro Life etc.

Cost of  your Deccan Herald display ad depends on three major factors! These are :

1) Category of your Deccan herald Display Ad. ( For example Appointment / Property / Education etc)

2) Newspaper / Pullout you chose to book your Deccan Herald Display Advertisement.

3) Edition or Location (Deccan Herald Bangalore, Deccan Herald Bangalore City etc)

Deccan Herald Display Advertising Rates 2010-2011

Display ads are usually more expensive than classified ads! Your ad cost may go up to lakhs of rupees depending on the newspaper publication you choose for booking your display ad! To view the rates for booking classified ads and display ads in Indian Newspaper kindly visit our rates and offers page!

Want to know what is front page / back page / third page display rate in Deccan Herald? Here is a list of display ad rates for Deccan Herald :

Deccan Herald display advertising rates Bangalore : BW – Rs.1020 /  sq cm. Color – Rs.1500 /  sq cm

Deccan Herald display advertising rates All Editions :     BW – Rs.980/ sq cm. Color – Rs.1375/sq cm

Deccan Herald display advertising rates Bangalore City (Zonal) : BW – Rs.500/ sq cm. Color – Rs.550/ sq cm

Once you have verified your ad cost from our online display advertising rate card of Deccan Herald, you can book your DH display ad instantly online by following these simple steps :

1) Visit our online Deccan Herald display ad booking page.

2) Specify your display ad category, newspaper / pullout, edition etc.

3) Upload your own ad or use our sample display ad templates!

4) Design your ad and get an instant preview of your ad / ad cost etc.

5) Select dates and clear payments instantly online via credit/debit cards, net banking, NEFT. You can also pay offline via cheque or cash. (All online payments undergo SSL encryption for optimal security)

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