Hindustan Times Classified- An Advertisement Paradise

Newspapers have been a source of information for us since the Pre-Independence days. Founded in 1924, Hindustan Times is one of the oldest newspapers of our country. It comes second to only The Times of IndHindustan Times Advertisementia in terms of English newspaper readership. As time moved on, the level of quality and content of news also amplified. Presently it is a darling for businesses and their advertisements.

Newspapers are still considered to be a powerful means for advertising due to its effectiveness in an economical way. Its enormous reach and diversity make it a wonderful platform for businesses to showcase their campaigns. Hindustan Times classified ads are like a potential locker full of necessary messages intended for the right audience. Placing an advertisement in the classifieds section ensures a very strong chance of the message being delivered to the target audience. But how should you process the booking of an ad? The answer lies with releaseMyad.

releaseMyAd is an online platform which gives you the ease of booking ads in Hindustan times classifieds. Through its various competitive rates and excellent packages, it is essentially a wonderful option to your advertising solutions. The 20 categories of the classified section present the user with a vast range of options to advertise on. The most used categories being:Hindustan Times Classifieds

Since Hindustan times boasts of such massive readership, it definitely is one of the hot properties for business houses to advertise on. The need to get married is a top priority in India and that gives rise to advertisements invoking people to look for potential spouses. Hindustan matrimonial advertisements very well capture the essence of the general masses, thus resulting in such a huge number of ads. releaseMyAd gives a smarter option to advertisers for booking a matrimonial ad in Hindustan times classified. The user can use these methods to book classified ads:

Sadly, the trend of newspaper advertising is on a decline due to the emergence of other mediums. However; newspapers will still be an informative piece of media and will continue to have its relevant messages delivered via classifieds. releaseMyAd further helps encouraging advertisements through this medium. If you want to book a newspaper advertisement please mail us on book@releasemyad.com or call us on 09830629298.